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Are you looking for a Galicia holiday home? Then you've come to the right place. Choose from the beautifully situated holiday homes in Galicia. The holiday homes in Galicia on are in a rural location and offer you the opportunity to discover "other" Spain. Galicia is located in the northwest of Spain and borders on both Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean.

A trip to Portugal is therefore easily made. The capital probably sounds familiar to many people, that is: "Santiago de Compostela". Santiago de Compostela is a city of only one hundred thousand inhabitants, that is less than a city like Breda. offers you the opportunity to explore this region from a holiday home located near the capital. These holiday homes offer the opportunity to enjoy the peace, the sea and the culture. When you travel to Galicia on July 25 you can experience the holiday of Galicia. The feast day of Saint James.

In addition to the huge coastline, Galicia consists largely of forests. There are three important nature reserves in this region. The Ancares and the Courel are the two nature reserves that are located inland. In addition, a large part of the Cíes archipelago is a protected natural area. A holiday home in Galicia offers you an excellent opportunity to explore this typical landscape. The landscape has large differences in height because there are a number of large mountains in this region of around 2000 meters.

Another interesting nature reserve that lies in this northern region of Spain is the Costa de morte, also literally translated as the "death coast". This area is particularly interesting for birdwatchers, as the steep cliffs in this nature reserve breed thousands of sea birds such as alken and guillemots. At certain points you can look out on this immense cliff and admire this spectacle with your own eyes. Also take a look here with your telescope over the sea, you also have a good chance of sighting of common petrels, especially in the fall.

Do you want to experience this different part of Spain yourself? Then rent a holiday home in Galicia and head out! If you want more information about the holiday homes of in Galicia, you can always contact us. We are also happy to help you if you plan to visit the Costa de morte or another nature reserve in this region!