Cabin with sauna

Cabin with sauna

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Cabin with sauna

Cabins are small wooden houses. You are probably not expecting much from a tiny home, but our cabins can surprise you. We have luxury cabin accommodation with saunas so that you can have a wellness experience outside the usual spa resorts. You can finally feel at home on your spa holiday in nature.

A cabin is almost the same as a typical cottage, with the only difference is that it is entirely made of wood. And wooden homes are the perfect place to rest in nature. They give you the chance to welcome the natural environment in your private house. Especially our homes with wooden interior and stone elements. Take a closer look at our selection of sauna cabins and choose the perfect natural home for you. Cabins are usually perceived as a simple and ordinary form of accommodation. But in a cabin you will get that snug and homely feeling that you need for your relaxing holiday, so they are actually quite comfortable. And the sauna will complete your unique experience.

What can you expect from a holiday in a cabin with sauna?

Cabins with sauna are the type of accommodation most people would choose for their winter holidays, rather than the summer months. Tiny wooden houses give you that warm feeling and coziness that you need in the cold weather. What is the best thing to do after an active day in the winter, when you are tired of skiing the whole day? Probably most of you will say resting somewhere warm. In your private sauna, you can do this without being bothered by other guests. Seems like a log cabin with sauna is one of the best accommodation options then. Also for the warmer months, you can book a cabin. You are probably going to spend most of your time outside anyway. In spring nature comes back to life so you can take long walks in the forest of fields around your house. As for the summer, you might want to take a look at our sauna cabins with a private pool, where you will be able to swim and enjoy the sun fully.

Wellness cabins at

At we have a large supply of cabins with saunas all around Europe. From the classic type of cabin - a tiny wooden cottage, to large villa-like cabins for big groups. If you are having a romantic getaway, then you will probably book a small home somewhere in the middle of nowhere. For a family holiday or an adventurous trip with friends, you should look for our wellness cabins for group accommodation. Our cabins with sauna also vary in the level of luxury. Altogether, however, you can be sure to have all the necessary amenities you need in a holiday home. If a cabin is probably not the right choice for you, then check our apartments with saunas.

If you have no idea about the next destination for your break, or what kind of home you would prefer to stay in, we can give you some directions. Booking with us means that you have all the freedom to make your holiday according to your personal needs. You prepare the food, you choose where to enjoy your homemade meals, what activities to engage in during your holiday, the natural environment you like to surround yourself with, etc... But we still want to make your stay in a nature house just like you dreamt it would be, so let us help you!

Best destinations for a wellness holiday in a cabin

For your winter break in a log cabin with sauna you are probably imagining a lonely wooden home in the mountain, surrounded by white snowy trees. You can’t go wrong with booking such houses somewhere in the Scandinavia region. Austria, Switzerland, and Iceland are other destinations with beautiful homes. But don’t restrict yourself. Check also our beautiful homes with saunas in popular European summer destinations like Spain, Portugal, and Greece. Our wellness cabins in those countries often have a swimming pool exclusively for you and your friends or family. Italy and France are countries you will love in every season and at you can find many tiny wooden homes with sauna there.

Regarding the destination of your journey you also have to think about the natural environment you most enjoy. What would you like your view to be? The winter sports enthusiasts and hikers would probably choose a log cabin with sauna in the mountains. But if you like fishing or just the calmness of a lake, then a home in a lake district is what you should look for. You can still enjoy the water near the sea or a river that is close to your cabin. In the woods and deep forests, you can take long walks just wandering around and enjoying the peace and quietness. So many choices. If you are still unsure what you would prefer, then just take your time to look for the most suitable cottages with sauna without thinking about the country and place. When you see your dream home, you will know. Arrange your overnight stay in a wellness cabin with