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Bored by the usual hotels crowded with people? Now you can have a unique holiday in a farmhouse! The benefits of an agriturismo holiday are numerous. Authentic touch with the local culture and traditions, learning new skills, children can play with the animals and get to know how life works. Check below our special selection of farms across Europe and find the perfect home for your holiday.

The agriturismo holiday

Staying on a farm makes your vacation much more special than a holiday in a hotel or villa. It adds meaning to your break. You can learn how organic farming works, which teaches you some important lessons in life. When you see how much effort and hard work the production of our food requires, it makes you appreciate the small things in life more. You will feel thankful, humble, and respectful, which is something rare in our modern life. Surrounded by nature, you can appreciate the peace and quietness that we're all missing in the big city. In a b & b farmhouse, for example, the landlord can teach you some valuable lessons and new skills. It's a great way to meet the local culture and people. It's also a great holiday for your children, who can play with the animals and see the rural way of living. You can spend some valuable time together, pick up the products, make your own meals with them, and enjoy a healthy dinner in the garden together. In the end, you might even consider living in a village with your own small farm!

Our farms

On this page you will find various farms, all differing in their level of luxury. You can find smaller ones, like cabins and tents, but also many larger farms like cottages and villas. You can also benefit from breakfast, next to your accommodation, with a b & b farmhouse of your choice. The best part is that you can choose the natural surroundings yourself. Mountains, forests, meadows, whatever you'd like. If it's your summer holiday, explore the secrets of organic farming in a home by the sea. If you prefer to be secluded from the world and emerge in the natural environment completely, choose a secluded farm in the middle of nowhere. You also have the option to stay in a farmstead that is close to a charming village from the region. Think about any activities you might want to enjoy. Except for the farm work, you can go on hikes or long walks to explore nature, or swimming, cycling, fishing… Take some time to plan your stay beforehand, and have the perfect holiday in nature. As for the place you're visiting, you can go to a farm anywhere in Europe. Destination number one for agriturismo holiday Italy, followed by France and Spain. Rent a farm in a beautiful rural region anywhere in Europe and learn how to live simply.