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Cottages in Madeira

Madeira is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal. The island is dominated by a rich and unique nature, which makes it the perfect place for travelers who like to discover new plants and a relaxed environment. The subtropical climate, beaches, mountains, gardens, vineyards, and much more makes Madeira an exciting destination for a vast range of tourists. Madeira is also a nice destination not only for summer vacation but also for a winter vacation as the subtropical climate makes it warm and sunny. However, if you are opting for sandy beaches, you will not be able to experience Madeira as you will most likely come across rich tropical areas.

Flora and fauna

In Madeira, you can come across many different flowers and plants. The island is surrounded by a beautiful blue ocean and the unceasing spring climate ensures plenty of greenery and a plethora of exotic flowers, fruits, and crops. Madeira is known worldwide as the "Flower Island". The more common types of flowers are - Rosetas, Mandon's Chrysanthemums, Piorno Flowers, and lots of moss and ferns. These are seen in peaks such as the Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areeiro. The mild climate provides unique and colorful nature. In fact, there are more than 150 endemic plant species that grow only in Madeira. To explore the rich flora and come across endemic species of plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and other types of herbs you must visit - Laurisilva forest and the Flora da Ilha da Madeira. Some of the unique herb species are - Ocotea fetens, Clethra arborea Aiton, Dactylorhiza foliosa, Lauruz azorica, Persea indica, Dracaena draco, and Echium candicans. About 22% of Madeira's surface covers the Laurisilva forest. The forest consists of heather and other pre-alpine species. This guarantees soil stability and water supply to the population of the entire island.

Madeira is a well-known island among bird watchers. You can find many invertebrates and birds of endemic and macaroni species. Birds such as - the pigeon, the chaffinch, the bis-bis, the nun-da-Madeira, and the nun-do-Bugio. In the group of reptiles, the gecko stands out, and in mammals - the fur seal and bats. The marine fauna of the archipelago of Madeira is rich with 500 different fish species such as - the Cretan Sparisoma Wrasse, Salema Sarpa salpa, Sargo Diplodus, and Castanhetas Chromis limbata, and many more marine invertebrate species. In Madeira, you can also find several species of turtles and marine mammals such as the bottlenose dolphin - Tursiops truncatus, the striped dolphin - Stenella coeruleoalba, and the common dolphin - Delphinus delphis. Most importantly, despite the wide amount of different animal species,


The tourist heart of Madeira is Funchal, the small capital of the island. In the center and in the hotel district Lido you will find various restaurants and all kinds of possibilities for entertainment, such as shops, a boulevard, and public swimming pools. If you have a passion for swimming, be sure to check out our nature houses with private swimming pools, near to the waters or by the sea. This will allow you to fulfill your passion in a relaxed and private environment. Outside the capital, you will find mainly cozy (fishing) villages and natural sights on the island. If you have a passion for fishing, be sure to rent a boat and try your luck in the Madeira waters. Also, at it is possible to rent a holiday house near the fishing areas. During your stay on this island, a walk along one of the many levadas (irrigation canals) should not be missed. Be sure not miss to get on top of Europe's highest cliff Cabo Girao to get the best lookout point. The locals enjoy drinking wine, so be sure to visit Old Blandy Wine Lodge to taste their own local wines.

If you are opting for a relaxed and private vacation only with your company. Be sure to stay at one of the different types of holiday houses, such as - villas, B&B, finca, apartments, bungalows, and much more. Maybe it is time to try out something new, like glamping? This will allow you to experience the next level of camping! In fact, most of the accommodations are animal friendly. For this reason, you will be able to bring your pet with you and discover nature and the surroundings together! Since all of the cottages are in the middle of nature, you will have a large area where you can enjoy time doing sports such as hiking or cycling. If you are traveling with kids, playing ball, badminton or other fun sports activities could be fun!

Since nature houses are located in the middle of nature, most of the public places like shops and museums are far from the accommodations. This also includes access to public transport. If you are not traveling in a private car, we would suggest you think about the transport to get to and from the accommodation. However, it is possible to select houses that are nearby the area where public transport could be easier accessible. If your intended holiday house is located far from the accessible public transport stops and you are willing to explore the island, we would suggest renting a car. This will allow you to fulfill your holidays with no restrictions and you will be the one who plans your time and adventures for the day!

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We want to give people a relaxing and calm experience in the natural world, a perfect way to escape their busy lives. So what are you waiting for? Pick the most suitable cottage in Madeira for your break and give back to nature. Don't forget to check out our last minute deals, in case you are impatient with your holidays. If you have any questions, send us a message on our Facebook account and we will help you right away. Enjoy!

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