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Cottages in Turkey

If you’re looking for a destination with diverse natural attractions and wildlife, Turkey is the place to go! The country has over 40 natural parks and an epic variety of natural attractions that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Rent one of our cottages in Turkey and you’ll be located right in the heart of nature. It’s the perfect getaway for a retreat in a peaceful environment, because you also avoid the crowds and mass tourism!

The pinnacles of the natural experience in Turkey

There are so many places to discover in Turkey, you’ll probably need a few visits to be able to see everything that the country has to offer. Spectacular gorges leading to sparkling waterfalls, lush floodplain forests that exist underwater, gorgeous mountains with spectacular views of the valleys, caves, and vast untouched forests. These places are a paradise for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, and bird experts. Curious to know more? Continue reading to learn more about the beautiful nature of Turkey, and get some practical tips about your holiday. Our whole supply of nature houses in the country you can find here.

Dilek National Park

The Dilek Peninsula is where the Samsun Mountains meet the Aegean Sea 35 south of Kusadasi, creating a place with unique wildlife and impressive geological formations. This is one of the most important and protected natural areas in Turkey, and also one of Europe’s Flora Biogenetic Reserve Areas. Why? The nature of Dilek is ancient and untouched, making a natural habitat for a few different ecosystems to thrive and live together in harmony. The diversity and uniqueness is present in the flora and fauna, as well as the natural landscapes of Dilek. There are 804 different types of plants, and six of them you can only find in Dilek. The Mediterranean maquis flora is well preserved and has all examples of the plant species of the Mediterranean scrub biome. Dilek is also home to all of the Mediterranean fish and sea turtles, and there are plenty of reptiles, mammals and birds to observe. Among the most extraordinary animals that live in Dilek are the Anadolu Parks and Monk Seal. This national heritage is one of the best preserved wildlife areas in Turkey, so the overnight stays are strictly forbidden. You can still book a cottage in close proximity to Dilek, and go there for a hike or just a relaxing day outside. Cool off in the crystal blue waters, enjoy the sun and walk on the sandy beaches, marvel at the beautiful vistas and immerse in nature. Next to the special collection of national wonders, the Dilek National Park is also a place for cultural trips. You can visit museums, ancient cities and picturesque villages with traditional Greek and Turkish architecture. But there’s another place where you can witness the ancient architecture and mysterious sites of Anatolia, and it’s the Goreme National Park.

Goreme National Park

Located in Central Anatolia, The Goreme National Park is an extraordinary place with a vast network of mysterious landscapes. The area was covered in tuff from many volcanoes, after which the landscape was sculpted by water and wind erosions. This created plenty of fairy chimneys that are now the most famous feature of the rocky area. Visit the Rock Site of Cappadocia to observe the remarkable vistas. The Goreme National Park and the Rock sites of Cappadocia are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place became a living area since the Paleolithic Era, with hundreds of ancient interconnecting underground settlements, cities, and churches. The first place to visit when going to Cappadocia is the Goreme Open Air Museum. It’s a complex of Byzantine monasteries, each having its own unique rock-out church, art, and chapel. The park is also characterized by plateaus and hills, with many rivers and thrashing streams that go through the land to create deep rocky valleys. The drought of the area allows 114 endemic species of grassy steppe plants like Juniper, Wild Almond, and the Hawthorn. Still, along the humid valleys you can also find woody species such as the Aspen Willow, Gilaburu, and Honeysuckle. As for the resident animal life, you can encounter wolves, badgers, coyotes, red foxes and bats, along with some birds like the stork, hawk, pigeons, and eagles.

What to do when staying in a Turkey cottage in nature?

There’s plenty of activities you can plan for your nature retreat. You can hike in the towering mountains of Turkey, or explore the unique flora and fauna in the forest. Stop along the way for a fun picnic with the whole family. Among the most popular activities for the mountain regions of Turkey are climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking. And the beautiful Turkish beaches offer all kinds of water adventures. From swimming, snorkeling, and diving, to rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. One of the best regions for a summer beach holiday is the Aegean Region, located in the western part of the country. If you’re not the sporting type, you can just sit in your garden, read a book, and meditate in the peace and quietness. In the evening you can prepare a nice romantic dinner just outside of your cottage. Enjoy the views of the stars dancing in the night sky, and share some special moments with your partner! If you’re planning a lovely Christmas and New Year vacation in Turkey, we have a suggestion for you. Rent a cottage with a fireplace and stay warm and surrounded by your loved ones. Marvel at the amazing vistas from your window, prepare a delicious dinner all together, open the present, and enjoy your company! During your stay you can spend your days filled with outside activities with the whole family. Turkey will be a great destination for a long Easter holiday. The rain in April is compensated by the astonishing landscapes of blossoming wild flowers and cherries. Even if you’re travelling just for the weekend, a holiday in the nature of Turkey will charge your batteries and refresh your mind!

Weather in Turkey

If you’re wondering when to go on a holiday in Turkey, the months with the best weather are April, May, September, and October. The climate is warm, but not too hot like the summer months where it gets to almost 40°C! There are a few different climate zones in Turkey. The Aegean region is one of the places with most favourable weather. The climate is mild throughout the year, with winters that are cozy and less rainy. The spring season offers beautiful green landscapes, the summer is quite hot, but continues with a warm and sunny autumn. Are you planning a beach holiday? Then you should know that the Mediterranean coast is generally warmer than the coast of the Black sea. Still, don’t let this dissuade you from an amazing holiday in the Black Sea region - it’s one of the richest geographical regions of Turkey (also Bulgaria)! Restless mountains, lush green forests, endless meadows and plateaus, and many naturalistic paths that lead to the valleys, rivers, and streams. The local population has a unique sense of humor, and a genuine love for nature. It might be just the place for you! Rent a b&b cottage to meet with one of our welcoming landlords, and enjoy a nice breakfast every morning. For more inspiration you can also check our last minute deals.