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Are you looking for a Holiday home in Veneto? Nature.house has selected a number of beautifully situated holiday homes in Veneto especially for you. Veneto is a region in the north of Italy. There is a lot to experience in this region, nature is very varied, but culture lovers will also be in their element.

Both the Dolomites and the Carnic Alps spread out over the Veneto region. The Dolomites is of course an ideal mountain range for mountain climbers with its steep rock walls. But there is also plenty to do for hikers and mountain bikers. The Carnic Alps is a beautiful mountain range especially for hikers. The Alps do not actually know the steep rock walls like in the Dolomites, but clearly has its own charm. Are you looking for a holiday home in the Dolomites or Carnic Alps? Then book a holiday home in Veneto on Nature.house.

The capital of Veneto is the famous city: Venice. Venice is of course a very romantic city. In Venice, the culture lover can fully indulge. This way you can let yourself sail through the city with a gondola. But there are also a number of basilicas that are worth a visit. You can also visit the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Square. Venice is of course also known for its carnival. Masks are mostly worn during the 12-day carnival in Venice. Book a holiday home here near Venice. We offer holiday homes near Venice in a peaceful rural setting.

So in Veneto there is much to experience for both nature lovers and culture lovers. In addition to the mountains, low-lying plains can also be found in this region. In these low plains you can also find a lot of viticulture in addition to the cities. Veneto also has a coastline, with a number of sandy beaches but also lagoons. The variety that you can experience in Veneto is unique. The rural holiday homes in this region offer an excellent base for exploring this region. These houses are beautifully situated on Nature.house and are also preselected for you.

While searching for a holiday home in Veneto you couldn't quite find what you were looking for? Then we definitely recommend that you ask for help from one of our employees. They will be happy to help you with your search for a nice holiday home.

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