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Cottages in Germany

Germany, a country that is famous for its history, remarkable architecture, cars, football and beer is also surrounded by natural landscapes. Bizarre rock formations, fairy tale grottoes, forest that blanket the mountains, calming waters are some of the natural wonders that you wouldn't necessarily expect in Germany. So what are you waiting for? Book a holiday house in Germany now!

Why book a holiday house with us?

Longed for visiting Germany with your friends during your breaks? Or want to visit Germany with your family? You have come to the right place. Nature.house provides you with numerous options to book accommodations in Germany with variety of facilities in and out of your holiday home. Booking a cottage in Germany would bring you close to the flora and fauna that it has to offer. If you're a person living in the city, then booking a holiday house would be ideal for you to spot rare natural surroundings and take a relaxing experience!

Our holiday homes on Nature.house are all situated in the most beautiful places in nature. From your accommodation, you can go straight to hike in the nearby hills, visit nature reserves, ski on mountains and or swim in the sea. Yeah that's right! Our holiday houses are located near these places so that you can get the most out of the natural surroundings. In terms of the interiors of staying in holiday home, some cottages will offer saunas or jacuzzis while others will offer a private swimming pool and garden furniture. Basic necessities like kitchen, oven, internet and dishwasher are available in the rentals. Book a long Easter holiday in nature and celebrate life with your loved ones! In our big houses there's enough bedrooms for everyone to choose from. You can also book a tiny houseif you want a more cozy feeling and are there for a weekend trip! So what are you waiting for? Read ahead on what Germany has to offer and book your cottage accordingly.