Nature house in Doische

Very good 4 reviews
Very good 4 reviews


Nature house-id 16850
Region Namur
Country Belgium
Number of guests 12
Bedrooms 5
Type cottage
Rental situation detached

About this nature house

With 5 bedrooms and a lovely terrace to enjoy barbecue evenings, this holiday home in Soulme (Doische) invites you to spend a holiday in the Belgian Ardennes region. The holiday home is ideal for a large family of 12 members or several smaller families staying together. Nature lovers can head to the nearby forest and river for a serene experience. There is a lake at 1 km if you wish to go for walks with your loved ones. The town center with restaurants is a 10 km drive away, perfect for spending the evenings and enjoying the local vibes. Central heating keeps you comfortable in cold temperatures. In the cozy living room, there is a fireplace that creates a warm atmosphere while you have evening tea or chit chat. You can always grab a quick cup of coffee in the kitchen, which has a coffee machine among other appliances. The furnished garden offers ample space to have meals or play around with kids. A children's bed and a high chair are there for the little guests.




Very good 4 reviews

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