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Cottages in Switzerland

Switzerland is an obvious choice for a holiday in the mountains. Whether you like cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, or swimming in one of the mountain lakes, anything is possible! It’s an attractive destination for any season. Do you want an active vacation or a quiet getaway in nature? Hidden valleys, gently rolling hills, restless mountains up to 4000m, marvel at Switzerland’s stunning natural beauty from the window of your secluded cottage.

A true paradise for the nature lovers

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is blessed with an epic variety of natural places that quicken the pulse of any visitor. The pinnacles of the countryside landscapes are the snow-capped peaks and cliffs, glittering glaciers, raging waterfalls, towing forests, and lush pastures, high moors, and of course, the tranquil mountain lakes. Due to many elevations of the land, Switzerland has different climates - from the Alpine climate in highland to the Mediterranean weather on the border with Italy. Admire the colossal glaciers of the Swiss Alps in the regions of Valais, or visit Ticino to get the summer vibe of palm trees and clear beaches. And in the center of Switzerland, you can visit Älggi-Alp - a charming place with a flavor of the lovely Swiss countryside. Ramble through the green meadows and pasturelands to stumble upon some remarkable views of the cliffs and waterfalls.

Did you know that Switzerland is the water reservoir of Europe? Two of the most popular destinations in the country are namely the Lake of Geneva and Lake Lucerne. Switzerland is also home to some of the longest rivers on the continent, such as the famous Rhine and Rhone. Book a Swiss tiny house and relax in your garden listening to the sound of the thrashing stream nearby. The Swiss mountain lakes and rivers are full of life. Take a stroll in nature and meet the resident mammals, fish, and amphibians. Among the animals, you can encounter are deers, birds of prey, snakes, lizards, foxes, alpine marmots, mountain goats, hares, and wild boars. Go hiking in Switzerland’s narrow valleys and naturalistic paths to discover the gorges and waterfalls off the beaten path. Don’t forget to take your phone because there’s plenty of vistas to get your camera snapping.

What to do when staying in a Swiss cottage in nature?

Having this amazing nature, Switzerland is indeed a backdrop for outdoor adventures. The best part is that with us you can find accommodation located inside the Nature Parks. You can be sure that you'll find unique flora and fauna just around the corner of your cottage. Check Parc Adula, for instance. The intensity of landscapes in Switzerland is more than impressive for such a small country. Discover the pristine natural spots on foot or skis, by bike or raft, with karabiner or paraglider. Mountain biking in Switzerland is a very popular activity that is possible in any part of the country. For our beloved mountaineers, we have a real challenge. Try to tackle Matterhorn and its highest summit of 4,478 metres, or go for another heroic conquest like Monte Rosa. Both are located in the Pennine Alps and are some of the most epic ascents in Europe. In one of the many water reservoirs spread across the country, you can go for a fun day of canoeing, kayaking, or rafting with the whole family. You can rent glamping accommodation to embellish your active holiday with even more adventure.

For those that’d rather take it easy, Switzerland still has plenty to offer. Meditate in the stillness of the lakes or do some yoga and stretching exercises. It’s a real refreshment from your busy days in the city. When you feel like your body has recharged its batteries, go for a relaxing hike in Switzerland’s most beloved mountains. In the spring and summer, you can take your daily dose of sun in the lush green valleys, and then cool off in the lake or pond near your Swiss cottage or cabin. If you’re planning a winter holiday for Christmas or New year, you cannot go wrong by picking Switzerland as your destination. Just imagine the breathtaking views of the white soaring peaks and steep cliffs covered in snow. But also in autumn, the country offers some awe-inspiring landscapes of the multicolored forests reflected in the lakes. Don’t waste any time and take your family to an unforgettable holiday in one of our Swiss nature houses, away from the crowds and mass tourism places. You can start by checking our last minute deals for more inspiration or book your cottage on this page right away! Last note - rent b&b accommodation if you want to meet with one of our warm Swiss landlords and get the best advice about activities and places to visit in the region.