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Interested in renting a holiday home in Gotland? Then you've come to the right place! We offer several Gotland holiday homes that all have one thing in common: they are located in or near the most beautiful nature. Gotland is an island that belongs to the country of Sweden. The Swedish island is in the Baltic Sea.

The capital of Gotland is Visby. This city is also known as the Rose City. This is because there are so many roses growing in the wild here. The Gotland landscape consists of a number of other small islands off the coast of East Sweden alongside the island of Gotland. The islands are called: Faro, Stora Karlsö, Lilla Karlsö and Gotska Sandön. Of these islands, Gotland is the largest island with an area of ​​almost 3000 square kilometers.

Gotland vacation rentals
What makes Gotland so interesting is the varied nature that you will find. There are various habitat types on the island, such as rock formations, deciduous forests and coniferous forests. These different habitat types also result in a diverse flora and fauna on the island. The different bird species that breed on the island are particularly interesting. For example, a number of species do not breed that do breed on mainland Sweden. Examples of this are the crested tit and the black woodpecker. On the island, the Withals fly catcher does breed, you can find it in the different gardens on the island. You might even find it in the garden of your Gotland holiday home. In addition to this special breeding bird, there is also a healthy population of golden eagles on the island. During your walks from your holiday home on the island you will almost certainly come across a golden eagle.

Reptiles and amphibians on Gotland

The great thing about all our holiday homes on Gotland is that they are surrounded by nature in this beautiful part of Sweden. That means that the nature experience already starts when you step out of the house. You can observe different types of reptiles and amphibians on Gotland. You will find the two types of snake there, namely the ring snake and the viper. You will also find different types of amphibians such as the pile frog, the green toad and the slow worm. You may encounter such a special creature during one of your walks!

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Do you want to know more about nature in Gotland? Or do you want to know why the ring snakes on the island of Gotland are so dark compared to the snakes on mainland Sweden? For these types of questions we are always willing to provide you with answers. Of course we also help you find a holiday home in Gotland or a holiday home in the middle of the nature of this beautiful Swedish island. Do not hesitate if you have any further questions and feel free to contact us.