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Many of the holiday homes in central Sweden are so-called "stugas": typical red summer houses. Such a cabin is the ideal starting point for your holiday in Central Sweden. Not only can you visit the capital Stockholm, but you are also in the right place when it comes to nature. Due to its location on the coast, this city is also called "the Venice of the North".

Flora and fauna
In Central Sweden you will find plenty of beautiful, unspoilt places that are waiting to be discovered by young and old. Popular regions are Värmland and Dalarna, with their many lakes and huge forests, which are the ideal holiday destination for every nature lover. The forests and lakes form the habitat of many moose, reindeer and beavers. The best time to spot elk is when it is dusk or at sunrise. So get up early, maybe you can admire these animals with your own eyes!

Attention mountain biking enthusiasts! Dalarna is known as the region for mountain biking. In this region you can wander through vast forests and along large lakes. Canoeing in total loneliness? Stand eye to eye with moose? It's all possible in Dalarna. The Värmland region primarily profiles itself as a holiday destination for families, as you will find a range of activities there. A few examples: go on a beaver safari, go on a husky trip, visit a moose farm, canoe, (ice) fishing or conquer the Klarälven river with a wooden raft. A must-see for the kids is the Trollenpad near Lesjöfors. In short: a holiday home in Central Sweden is suitable for young and old!

More information?
On our website you will find dozens of nature houses in central Sweden, all varying in price class and luxury level. In this way we hope that there is a suitable house for everyone! If you need help finding your next holiday home or holiday destination, we are happy to help. For questions, bookings and tips we are available by phone, via social media or by e-mail.