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Cottages in La Coruña

In the far northwest of Spain, north of Portugal, lies the province of La Coruña. A large part of the border of this province is formed by the coast. The coastline is very beautiful, with rocks in varying heights and sandy beaches here and there. From your holiday home you can take beautiful walks along the sparkling water. The capital of the province is the town of the same name, La Coruña. The city lies on the coast and has a beautiful sandy beach. In addition, when you visit La Coruña from your holiday home, you can visit the many museums and buildings worth seeing.

Nature in La Coruña

The whole coastline of La Coruña is spectacular. Several rivers flow into the Atlantic Ocean, such as the estuaries of Ría de Ortigueira and Ría de Betanzos. Large parts of the coast are rocky and erratic. A walk from your cottage therefore usually provides spectacular landscapes and beautiful natural phenomena. The interior of La Coruña is also largely covered with nature reserve. The landscape here is hilly and covered with forests and heathland. There are also some beautiful lakes, such as the Encoro do Eume.

Seabirds regularly fly by at sea. Particularly with onshore winds you can see shear waters and gannets passing by. The crested cormorant can also be seen regularly when you take a walk along the coast from your cottage. Further inland you can encounter bird species such as hops, grey-backed shrike and black starling. It is also worthwhile to pay attention to the flora when you go out from your holiday home. There are hundreds of different species growing in La Coruña. These include various species of orchids, such as the broad sole orchid and small sole orchid.

Holiday homes in La Coruña

The holiday homes on nature house are located in the most beautiful places in the area. From your cottage in La Coruña you can make beautiful walks along the coast or visit the forest and heathland in the interior. During your stay in a holiday home you can also visit the city of La Coruña, so you won't get bored in no time!

Questions about holiday homes in La Coruña?

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