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Find your holiday home in Extremadura here. Extremadura is a region in Spain that consists of the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz. Do you want to spend a vacation in Spain, but not among thousands of other tourists? Then Extremadura offers the solution for you. Here you can, far away from mass tourism, enjoy a small-scale holiday.

The region is especially well known among birdwatchers, who describe the area as a true paradise. And if you ask us this is also right.

Extremadura is also known by the Monfrague National Park. This is a park where you can admire vultures that nest on the vulture rock. There are large numbers of griffon vultures on this rock, but anyone who looks a little further than their nose will soon be able to discover a monk vulture or a vulture vulture. It is also possible to observe the Spanish Imperial Eagle on this rock. This is an endemic bird species that can only be seen in this part of Spain and a small part of Portugal. When you rent a holiday home Extremadura with us, you know that you can experience this natural spectacle for yourself. Most of the houses in the Extremadura are located near Valencia de Alcantara, about a two and a half hour drive from the Monfrague National Park, among others. Often you can observe the most beautiful bird species from our holiday homes Extremadura with a short walk.

In addition to the National Park, there is much more to experience for nature lovers. There are steppe areas, a biotope that we do not know here in the Netherlands. These are vast plains reminiscent of the African savannah. You can drive here for hours without meeting someone. But one tip from our side: depart from your holiday home Extremadura on time. It gets very hot here during the afternoon hour. It is best to drive up to steppe from your holiday home Extremadura around six in the morning, so that you are already in the area at dawn. These areas also have a completely different bird life than in Monfrague National Park. Here you can come face to face with the large staircase. This bird stands high on the legs and is somewhat reminiscent of an ostrich. Really fantastic animals that live in large groups.

If you want more information about the life of the grand staircase. Or do you want more information about our holiday homes Spain. You can always contact us, send us a contact form and we will ensure that you have an answer within 24 hours.