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Cottages in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most famous and largest cities in Spain. It lies on the Mediterranean Sea, in the northeast of the country. In total more than 5 million people live in Barcelona and its immediate surroundings. However, there are also interesting nature reserves outside the city that you can visit from your holiday home. Rugged, mountainous and wooded areas provide a beautiful walking environment. From your holiday home you can also easily visit the highlights of the city of Barcelona. There are many attractions in the city, such as the magical fountain, many museums and special churches and cathedrals. In addition, there are beautiful beaches off the coast of Barcelona, where you can relax.

Nature in Barcelona

Directly northwest of the city of Barcelona you come from the busy city in quiet and beautiful nature reserves. There are some interesting mountain areas here, such as the Muntanya de Monserrat National Park. In these mountain areas you can make beautiful walks. The landscape is very rugged. Forests are interspersed with rocky slopes and steep cliffs. From your holiday home, these nature reserves offer countless opportunities for beautiful walks, with magnificent views of the surrounding country along the way. Even close to the city of Barcelona you can find interesting nature reserves, which you can visit while staying in a holiday home. For example, the small Delta del Llobregat is located on the south side of Barcelona. Here you will find a marshy landscape at the place where the river flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

Although the Delte del Llobegrat is only a small nature reserve, there are many interesting plants and animals to be found here. In the reed beds live reed birds such as the forest monkey and purple coot. In the province of Barcelona there are also birds of prey, such as snake eagle and griffon vulture. Many species of plants grow in the forests, including dogweed, yellow anemone and the liverflower.

Holiday homes in Barcelona

A holiday home in the province of Barcelona is an excellent starting point to visit both the city and the special nature reserves in this region. The city of Barcelona is a lively and interesting city, while the most beautiful nature reserves can be found directly outside the built-up area. From your holiday home you can take beautiful walks, where you should definitely pay attention to the special flora and fauna. During a stay in a holiday house in Barcelona you will certainly not be bored, and you will undoubtedly have a varied and successful holiday!

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