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Cottages in Mallorca

Mallorca is often seen as the destination where young people go to enjoy the white beaches, the sun and the beautiful azure blue sea and after a long day in a holiday home to stay. However, the island is becoming increasingly popular for hikers and cyclists and more people decide to spend the winter on this impressive island.


Mallorca is an autonomous region that belongs to Spain. With no less than 3640km2 it is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The other islands are Menorca, Ibiza, Cabrera and Formentera. Mallorca is located about 200 kilometers from the Spanish coast and can be reached by boat, or by plane, because this island also has its own airport.

In Mallorca you can see a contrast between the many seaside resorts with hotel complexes for sunbathing tourists and a few kilometres away you will find the peace and quiet in the nature of the interior of Mallorca where more holiday homes can be found. On Mallorca there are several nature reserves to be found in the fertile plain that is also known as Pla de Mallorca. The four nature reserves are S'Albufera, Cala Mondragó, the island of Sa Dragonera and the Serra de Na Burguesa.

The most beautiful places in nature are located on the northwest of the island. It is a beautiful landscape with many olive trees, almond trees and lovely mountains. Here you will also find the impressive mountain range of Tramuntana, with the highest peak being the Puig Major (1445m). A beautiful place for a walk and with a bit of luck you can spot the rare black vulture with a wingspan of up to three meters! Mallorca also has two reservoirs, the Embassement de Cuber and Embassement des Gorg Blau.

The northeast coast is mainly composed of two bays, namely the Badia de Pollença and the larger bay Badia d'Alcudia. A beautiful area for walking with special views of intimate bays and impressive rock formations. Along the east coast there are many bays and white sandy beaches, while on the south coast there are mainly rocks interrupted by beaches and bays.


In addition to the impressive nature on land, there is also a special underwater nature. There are vast meadows of eelgrass, called the Posidonia where sea urchins and herbivorous fish have their home. The fauna on Mallorca is not very extensive for the rest, on the island mainly small lizards and geckos occur. In addition, several species of snakes including vipers. Birds such as eagles, falcons, partridges and pheasants are especially to be admired in Parc Naturel de S'Albufera.

Typical products

A number of products in Mallorca have really given the island its own identity and have become characteristic of the island by the tourists.

Túnel de Mallorca

This national drink from Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands is also known as 'Takkesap' and is especially popular among young people as a shot. The drink is made from herbs that grow on Mallorca in combination with anise. When the Túnel is bottled, this always happens together with fresh herbs.


Tapas is available in abundance on Mallorca and the choice is endless. It is the most favorite snack of many Mallorcan people. For the most authentic tapas restaurants on the island, you need to be in the capital. Tapas are also sold along the coast, but there is a lot less choice than with the authentic restaurants.


Windmills? Now you might think: But the Netherlands also has an infinite number of windmills, don't you? That's right, but in Mallorca you'll find slightly different windmills. These windmills are mainly located inland and consist of a stone base with iron blades. Many have lost their original function and still stand for the ornament in the landscape. Originally, these windmills were used to pump water out of the marshy landscape of Mallorca and this allowed fertile soil to be created. The colored windmills provide a beautiful picture that seems to come off a postcard.


Visit a market

In several places on Mallorca there is a weekly market where besides vegetables, fruit and other food also various local products are sold. An interesting trip if you want to experience the daily life on Mallorca and how the population lives. Here you have the freedom to look at everything quietly and at the same time enjoy the city. And who knows, you might find a nice souvenir to pack in your holiday home.


Mallorca is an increasingly popular cycling holiday and there are many cyclists to be found. In recent years, Mallorca has established itself as one of the most beautiful places to cycle in Europe. The well-maintained bicycle network of no less than 1250 kilometres, the challenging climbs and the wonderful climate attract many active tourists. It is even necessary to rent a bike in several places!

Spend a day on the water

It would almost be a shame if you came to Mallorca just for the country. Enjoy a relaxing day out with one of the boat cruises that depart from several places on the island. If you're a real adventurer, go for a jet ski trip!

Special visit to the stalactite caves

What many people don't know at first is that there are stalactite caves on Mallorca and that Mallorca has the largest underground lake in Europe of no less than 170 x 30 meters! And you'll be amazed by the musicians who sail the lake on gondolas and give a classical concert. A magical picture with a fantastic light show that you won't easily forget.

It turns out that Mallorca is not only sun, sea and beach, but has much more to offer than that. Experience it for yourself and stay in a holiday home on the largest island in the Balearic Islands: Mallorca! Be sure to check out our last minutes to Mallorca.