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Holiday home Balearic Islands? Book a rural holiday home in the Balearic Islands here. offers beautiful houses located in the beautiful nature of this island group. The Balearic Islands is an island group consisting of 6 islands. The best known of these are Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. In addition, two smaller islands belong to this group, namely Cabrera and Dragonera.The capital of the Balearic Islands is Palma de Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca is located on the beautiful island of Mallorca. In this capital you can visit the beautiful Cathedral "La Seu".

Holiday home Mallorca
Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. The island is a popular holiday destination. The seaside resorts in particular are very popular with tourists. The interior of Mallorca and the north of this island are also an excellent holiday destination for people who love peace, space and nature. On Mallorca you can also watch birds very well. Especially due to the variety that the island has to offer in the landscape, you can find a large variety of birds. Would you like to spend your vacation on the beautiful island of Mallorca? Then take a look at the beautiful holiday homes on Mallorca on this page and be surprised by this Spanish piece of natural beauty. Find an extensive range of holiday homes on Mallorca on

Holiday home Menorca
The second largest island of the Balearic Islands is Menorca. Menorca is a beautiful island with a lot of vegetation. Around 40% of the island, for example, is covered with pine trees. The island has an extensive variety of both plant species and bird species. Just like Mallorca, Menorca is a good place for birdwatchers. Menorca is primarily a good island for birds of prey. This way you can find different types of eagles and falcons. Looking for a nice, quiet holiday home in Menorca? offers beautiful holiday homes on Menorca. These holiday homes on Menorca have been specially selected for nature lovers.

Holiday home Ibiza
Ibiza is of course best known for its nightlife. It is not for nothing that this island is a popular holiday destination for many young people. But it is not restless throughout the island during the night. There are certainly places where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Ibiza. In winter, for example, Flamingos spend the winter on the salt pans. You can also find the beautiful Sardinian Warbler with luck. Looking for a quiet holiday home in Ibiza? Then you are at the right place at! We have a wonderful selection of beautifully situated holiday homes on Ibiza and the surrounding islands.

The smaller and lesser-known islands are also definitely worth a visit. Because of their location, it is often an interesting area for various bird species. Are you looking for a holiday home in Formentera, Cabrera or Dragonera? Then take a look at the range of holiday homes in the Balearic Islands and perhaps you will find your dream home for the coming vacation. No success? Ask if one of our employees would like to help you find a nice holiday home on one of these islands.