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Find a rural holiday home in Aragon here. The holiday homes in Aragón all have a good starting position to discover the Spanish Pyrenees. Aragon is located in the north of Spain and borders the south of France. With its capital Zaragoza and various cities that still call it medieval, the region also has plenty of culture to offer. The mountain landscape with beautiful valleys is the habitat for many species of animals.

Especially large birds of prey and vultures feel at home in this mountain range. But the holiday homes in Aragon have more to offer. Indeed, there are also dry steppe areas that attract special fauna. The north of Aragón is occupied by the Spanish Pyrenees. This mountain range also forms the border with neighboring France. Aragón is fairly flat in the rest of the region. Are you looking for a holiday home in the Spanish Pyrenees? Then the north of Aragon may be a good holiday destination for you!

The capital of Aragon is Zaragoza. With almost 700,000 inhabitants, Zaragoza is one of the largest cities in Spain. Zaragoza is an important trading city, it lies between Barcalona and the French city of Toulouse. There is a lot to see in this city, including the beautiful Ebro. The Ebro is a river that flows through this capital. You can also admire the beautiful cathedral “El Pilar” on the Ebro. Are you looking for a holiday home near Zaragoza. offers holiday homes near Zaragoza where you can enjoy the peace and space and at the same time easily make a trip to this beautiful city.

If you go on holiday to Aragón as a nature lover then you should definitely visit Ordesa National Park. This is a park where you can take beautiful mountain walks along waterfalls. You can see various types of vultures here, including the Bearded Vulture. This vulture is rarer than the more famous Griffon Vulture and can be admired here in one of the few places. Does it sound like something to you? To rent a holiday home near Ordesa National Park? Then take a look at the holiday homes in Aragon. These holiday homes have a good location to take a good look at the nature of Aragon.

Need help with your search for a holiday home in the beautiful Aragon region? Then we are happy to help you further, so don't hesitate and contact us! You can also take a look at the neighboring regions. Maybe there is a nice holiday home for you.