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Holiday home Alentejo? Here you can choose from different rural holiday homes in Alentejo. A holiday home in Alentejo is ideal for those seeking tranquility and nature lovers. We recommend that you visit this region once in the spring. When all plants are in bloom and the migratory birds have returned. Colorful birds such as the bee-eater and the free-range bird are a feast for the eyes and show themselves well to you at this time of the year.

These birds, especially the free-range bird, are becoming less and less frequent in the wild. The free-range farmer seems to be declining enormously. We hope that you therefore travel to this region in a responsible manner and maintain respect for everything that grows and flourishes in this beautiful area. We discuss three nature reserves here in the Alejento region. From an Alejento holiday home these areas are perfect to explore or are you looking for a natural holiday home in Portugal? Even then, this region has a lot to offer you.

Baixo Alejento Natural Park

Near the city of Mértola lies the Vale do Guidana nature park, known for its varied flora and fauna. This is a good place for observing rare plants and animals. Hours of walking through this park will certainly give you a special nature observation! Most visitors book a holiday home Baixo Alejento with us on our website and then explore this beautiful nature reserve.

Alto Alejento nature park

On our website you can now find several holiday homes Alto Alejento. From a holiday home Marvao you can explore this beautiful area. Here you can also enjoy the local wines. Our tip: visit a local winery and buy your wine here. These are often the tastiest wines.

Baixo Alejento nature reserve

On the border between the Alejento and the Algarve between the cities of Sines and Sagres is a beautiful nature area that consists of cliffs and dunes. These coastal habitats house totally different animal species than in the highlands of Portugal. From a holiday home Alejento you explore this beautiful coastal strip. Please contact us for more information.

Our goal is to map nature in Portugal as well as possible. Of course we cannot do this alone, so we ask for your help. Have you recently booked a holiday home Alejento on our website and have you had a nice break? You have probably enjoyed this unspoilt region and can enjoy it again in daily life. We are curious about your experiences: how was nature in the area? Were the people friendly? We want to know everything about your vacation to ensure that in the future other people can also find holiday homes Alejento on our website. Many preceded you and we strive to make everyone discover this beautiful region of Portugal from one of our holiday homes.

If you are not particularly charmed by our Alentejo holiday homes, we would like to point out the other nature-rich regions that Portugal has to offer.