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Thanks to the very pleasant climate and the beautiful nature that you can find in Portugal, it is an ideal country to go on holiday. If you don't know what to experience, then be sure to read on. Below we have listed a number of sights and activities that should not be missed during your stay in a holiday home in Portugal. So you do not know where to start? Or could you use some inspiration? Then take a quick look further and get inspired by all the beautiful things Portugal has to offer.


Because of its location on the Atlantic Ocean and with Spain as its only neighbor, Portugal has a maritime character. The long history of the country contributed to its unique culture. Portugal is actually one of the oldest countries in the world. It was founded in 868. Formerly called the Portuguese Empire, Portugal was a world power with overseas territories in not only Africa and Asia, but also South America. Partly because of this position and the active role Portugal played in the century of exploration, there were many civilizations that crossed the Mediterranean and the European continent and in the long run influenced Portugal's culture. The fascinating history can be felt in the big cities, but also in each and every one of its small charming villages. For a real feal of the laid back rural life of Portugal you can check our quitas.

Climate and weather

Portugal's location also explains its Mediterranean climate. However, the climate is not the same everywhere. In the north it is a bit fresher and humid, while in the south it is generally dry and sunny all year round. The more inland and the closer to the Spanish border, the higher the temperature. Due to its pleasant climate, Portugal is an ideal holiday destination for both people who like to go out and those who prefer to spend some quiet time in and around their holiday home. Should you stay in a holiday home in Portugal during one of the summer months, you can leave your umbrella at home, because in Portugal there is very little precipitation in the summer. With a few tens of millimeters it is usually done.

Flora and fauna

One wood assume that Portugal's nature is the same as that of Spain, but that's not correct. The North of Portugal is mountainous and surrounded by fairly humid and green lush areas, like in Parque Natural do Alvão. You will mainly find trees such as chestnuts, oaks, birches and pine trees. In its central parts, Portugal is less mountainous and also less humid than the North. In the South it is mostly dry and subtropical. On the mainland there are mostly deer, goats, rabbits, hares and wild boars. The sealand around Portugal has a rich population of animal species. Sea turtles, dolphins, and whales are often seen by visitors. Because of its location in Southern Europe, Portugal is an important part of the large bird migration in spring and autumn. This is the ideal time to go out into nature and enjoy bird watching from your cottage.

Why should you book a holiday house in Portugal ?

Of course, you can choose from a huge variety of accommodations in Portugal for your stay. But what exactly makes it so much fun to choose a holiday home? A holiday home in Portugal is very cozy and gives you a homely feeling. You will really experience the holiday feeling, but you will still have all the luxury of your own home. Think for example of a fully fitted kitchen, with an oven or a dishwasher. What you can find differs per cottage, but with us you can search for the specific features of the holiday home that you'd like to stay in.

If you choose for a holiday home instead of a hotel or a large-scale holiday park, you will stay completely unbothered by the outside world. Away from the crowds and mass tourism, you can really enjoy the peace and quiet around you in private. Our cottages are at all times located in the middle of nature, which is of course very nice when you need a calming and relaxing break surrounded by wilderness. It's great to wake up in the morning by the whistling birds, not cars and annoying noises from the street. You can even spot the wild animals outside your cottage once in a while! If you're not used to being alone, check out our homes in the small holiday parks in Portugal . There you can meet fellow nature lovers and explore the living world around you together.

Another great thing about a rental home is the fact that you are with your family in the morning and don't have to bother with unwanted company. For example, you can have breakfast in the garden or on the terrace when the weather is nice. If you are tired in the evening from a long day full of new discoveries, then you can also relax together on the couch. When you stay in a hotel, you often don't have a separate area to relax and you can't just watch TV or just enjoy your day together.

A huge advantage of staying in a holiday home in Portugal is of course that the dog can join you! You can find a wide range of holiday homes that are also suitable for your lovely four-legged friend. For some people, the vacation is just not complete when the dog is not allowed to come along ... if that's you, worry no more! With Nature.house your holiday will be complete by all of your loved ones. While looking around on our website, you can easily see whether your pet is allowed or not by the icon with the dog that you see at the accommodation. The children will also be very happy that you go for a holiday home with Nature.house, so they don't have to miss the dog this time!

Time for yourself and your favorite people

The time between Christmas holidays and summer holidays is very long. Especially if you have a busy job and you have all kinds of fun (but time-consuming) hobbies. This can often cause some stress. Between those vacation times you regularly have the feeling that you're longing for that escape from the busy city. Relax and take time for yourself instead of always running around in front of others. Even if you book a last minute together with someone, you have more time for each other this holiday, and you don't have to stress because of overlapping schedules. The May holiday is the ideal time between the Christmas and summer vacations, to take some time off and create a fresh start. It is also close to the Easter holidaysthat are always celebrated big in Portugal. Just recharge your batteries, focus on the beautiful living environment around you, let yourself be pampered ... It's all possible during that wonderful last minute May holiday.

Even if you have children, you as a family can often live alongside each other in your daily, busy lives. During such a holiday you can really spend time together as a family. Ask the children in detail about how it goes at school and what they have been through lately. But don't forget your partner either. Once the children have gone to bed, that moment is perfect for the two of you to spend some quality time on the terrace or balcony of your accommodation. Delicious with a glass of wine and some snacks. When you come back home, you know exactly what is going on and you feel closer than ever as a family.

Resting time or active holiday in the greater outdoors?

Not everyone comes to rest through massages, pampering and extra-long sleep. Some people find it wonderfully relaxing to do as much as possible on holiday. If you are one of them, then you'll probably choose a holiday filled with fun and exciting activities in nature. Think about what would be most relaxing for you, for example taking long walks every day, or maybe even hiking trips, and days for trekking? Or stay in one of our luxury holiday rental, while looking for the best activities every day. Some interesting suggestions - climbing, archery, paragliding, horseback riding, kayaking, canoening, swimming with dolphins ... It is of course useful that you check in advance whether you can find it all in your area. A note - whatever you choose, you can never regret going on a holiday in Portugal .

Also make sure you don't do too much during your active holiday. It should remain fun, because it is not the intention that you come home overtired. It's the oposite. If you decicate more of your time to a few activities, rather than all, you will actually have a more quality time. In the end, only you know what you can handle and what you can't handle. But if you are planning an active holiday for yourself and for someone else, make sure that the person can appreciate this and that there is also something where the person can relax in a different way. That way you will both enjoy a great holiday and be ready for new challenges.

Do you get all zen from a luxury spa, swimming and treating yourself? Then of course you choose for that wonderful restful holiday. Maybe your holiday park or luxury nature house offers this, but if not, you can always look for something beautiful in the neighborhood. Of course it's wonderful that you don't have to worry about anything. In the morning you sleep well and you don't have to wake up to that annoying sound of your alarm clock, lovely right?

The Portuguese kitchen

The different regions in Portugal each have their own traditional dishes, but one ingredient that regularly returns is dried cod. In Portugal this is called bacalhau. The preparation is always different, there are hundreds of recipes and each one has its own opinion about which one is the best. However, this makes the cod a varying ingredient. Besides cod, grilled sardines are also popular and if you feel like trying different kinds of fish, then caldeirada is a must, this is a stew of different kinds of fish. It's easy to imagine that you don't feel like fish all your holiday or cooking yourself in your holiday home. Fortunately, the Portuguese kitchen also has all kinds of meat dishes that are mainly made with beef, pork, lamb or chicken. If you want to go for something popular in the north, arroz de cabidela is an option, this is a dish with rice and chicken meat stewed in chicken blood. If you prefer something familiar, there are several sandwiches with grilled meat. There is also plenty of choice in sweets. Cakes are especially popular. The history behind this is interesting: in the Middle Ages Catholic monasteries had very few ingredients and had to be creative and still managed to create a wide range of cakes.

About Portugal

Portugal is the ultimate holiday destination for those who are in love with nature and culture. It offers the perfect balance between the two. Sun, sea, and beach are often the three words that are used to describe the country, but Portugal has a lot more to offer! Continue reading if you want to learn some useful tips about the best places to visit in Portugal.

The stunning beaches

Because of the long coastline of no less than 832 kilometers, the beach is never far away from yout Portuguese cottage. Besides the larger, busy beaches, there are also small quiet beaches between the cliffs. Next to sunbathing and relaxing, Portugal is also a popular destination for surfing. It is also said that you can surf in Portugal all year long, so that can hardly go wrong. Of course, the beach is always very nice to visit during your holiday anyway. Just walking on the sand with the sound of the sea in the background is always very relaxing. If you go for a relaxing experience, then definitely pay a visit to the beach.

Visit the oldest bookshop in the world

Yeah, you read that right. The oldest bookstore in the world, called Bertrand, opened in 1732 and is located in Portugal's capital, Lisbon. For the book lover, a breathtaking place you want to see, and who knows, you might find a nice book to read on the porch of your cottage in the evening. So if you are a real book lover, then you can't avoid going there.

Peneda-Gerês National Park

Portugal has only one national park, but this should not be missing from your list if you are staying in Portugal. The park has an area of no less than 700 square kilometers and is located in the northwest of the country. In this area you will find mountains, picturesque villages, forests, and waterfalls. The area is not only suitable for hikers, but also for climbers and cyclists. With a bit of luck you will spot big game such as roe deer or boar. And if you plan a walk with a 'wolf guide', you will also see the Iberian wolf!

The capital: Lisbon

You should definitely visit the romantic city of Lisbon. While strolling through the picturesque streets, you can still enjoy real, authentic architecture. It is not only the capital of Portugal, but also the largest city. Lisbon is quite big with many things to discover. It is therefore impossible to explore all in this beautiful city in one day, but a day in Lisbon is still a lot of fun! And when you haven't been able to see enough, you can always come back. Visit the Oceanarium in Lisbon and be amazed by the beautiful underwater life. It is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe and very beautiful to have seen once. Especially if you're going with your kids, don't miss it! The Oceanarium offers a lot of activities and of course you can also enjoy the beautiful sharks and other fish that you can see swimming around you. When you stay with Nature.house, you are never in the crowded city areas. You will be living in the nature that surrounds Lisbon, so you are lucky to have that different perspective to the capital of Portugal. Out Lisbon homes can be found here.

Homes in Portugal

You have many possibilities to rent a nature house in Portugal. If you're going for that adventure in nature, choose a glamping accommodation. This includes all of our luxury tents, yurts, caravanas, treehouses, any camping home that can make your stay "glamorous". Those are perfect for a quick getaway for the weekend. For your long family holiday, our villas and bungalows are a more suitable type of housing. Large space for your kids to play around, beautiful gardens where you can have a heart-warming dinner outside your home, swimming pools and saunas to treat yourself. For all of our group accommodation click here. Another experience that could be a lot of fun for your kids is staying in a farmhouse. With an agriturismo holiday in Portugal you can learn about organic farming, your children can play with the animals, you get a close touch with the Portuguese. It's authntic, unique, and a truly rewarding experience.

Make your booking

Still unsure? You can always send us a message in one of our social media accounts and get some help with your decision. Another thing that can motivate you to rent your home witn us, is that we plant a tree for every overnight stay you book with us! And for every newsletter subscription. This is our way to give back to nature, and make sure our adventures in the ourdoors don't end here! The next generations also deserve to enjoy the wildlife on Earth. So, what are you waiting for! Book the most beautiful cottage in Portugal , surprise your family with a fun vacation, and contribute to nature with us. Check our last minute offers for more inspiration. We'll be waiting for you!