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Cottages in Portugal

Thanks to the very pleasant climate and the beautiful nature that you can find in Portugal, it is an ideal country to go on holiday to. If you don't know what to experience, then be sure to read on. Below we have listed a number of sights and activities that should not be missed during your stay in a holiday home in Portugal. So you do not know where to start? Or could you use some inspiration? Then take a quick look further and get inspired by all the beautiful things Portugal has to offer.


Because of its location on the Atlantic Ocean and with Spain as its only neighbor, Portugal has a maritime character. The long history of the country contributed to its unique culture. Portugal is actually one of the oldest countries in the world. It was founded in 868. Formerly called the Portuguese Empire, Portugal was a world power with overseas territories in not only Africa and Asia, but also South America. Partly because of this position and the active role Portugal played in the century of exploration, there were many civilizations that crossed the Mediterranean and the European continent and in the long run influenced Portugal's culture. The fascinating history can be felt in the big cities, but also in each and every one of its small charming villages. For a real feel of the laid back rural life of Portugal, you can check our quitas.