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In Utrecht, the smallest province of the Netherlands, you will find several holiday homes. Despite the fact that the province is considered to be a densely populated Randstad, you can still find some beautiful pieces of nature here, mainly to the east of the city of Utrecht. The east of the province is characterised by the extensive Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, which, after the Veluwe, can be called the largest forest area in the Netherlands.

Flora and fauna
The moraines, heaths, drifting sands and floodplains in Utrecht are the habitat of many different animal species, including the fox, roe, badger, tree marten and hundreds of bird species. In the northwest of the province are the Vinkeveense Plassen, a large nature and water sports area. In a certain part of these lakes a spoonbill colony is established. Outside the breeding season you can only explore this area by canoe.

Because of the small area of the province, the Utrecht holiday homes are a good starting point for trips to nature reserves, sights, amusement parks, large cities or beautiful walks. Everything is close by! On the Utrechtse Heuvelrug there is a large network of walking, cycling and horseback riding routes: ideal for nature lovers who want to enjoy the Utrecht landscape together or alone. Wouldn't you prefer to be sporty? Then go swimming, boating, diving or waterskiing on the Vinkeveen lakes. Because the province is densely populated and part of the Randstad, sights are never far away. There are a remarkably diverse range of museums, plenty of shopping opportunities and many options for a dinner or evening out.

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