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The province of Overijssel is located in the east of the Netherlands and borders to a large extent on neighbouring Germany. The province is a large sandy territory, where mainly rivers, polders, arable land and winding streams determine the landscape. The border between Gelderland and Overijssel is largely formed naturally by the river IJssel. The nature in this province is extremely diverse and therefore our holiday homes in Overijssel are certainly suitable for a short or long holiday in their own country. The landscape of the province is very diverse; you will find small-scale scenic landscapes and forest areas, but also river landscapes, estates and polders. A versatile landscape! Every few kilometres you will come across new landscapes and other nature while walking, canoeing, cycling or driving a car, which means that you will not get bored easily here.

Overijssel has several nature reserves. Around the various visitor centres in these nature reserves, many mapped out routes start, both for riders and cyclists, fanatical hikers or canoe lovers. The forester will be happy to accompany you, so that he can inform you about the natural phenomena, the flora and the fauna that you will encounter along the way. National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug and National Park Weerribben-Wieden are by far the most famous nature reserves in the province. On the Salland Ridge you can wander over rolling heathlands and through vast forests. In addition to the many insects, this area is also home to the last group of grouse in the Netherlands at the moment. Special!

Get to know Twente
Twente is probably the most famous region of Overijssel. The region is located in the far southeast of the province and is full of charming towns and villages. To the east and north of Twente is neighbouring Germany. A holiday home in Overijssel is therefore not only the perfect place to discover the primeval Dutch nature, but also to see the nature of our eastern neighbours!

The border region with Germany has beautiful green nature, cultural highlights and charming towns and villages. Visit Bad Bentheim with its famous castle, from where you have a beautiful view over the wooded surroundings of the village and where you can walk and cycle without having to worry about large differences in altitude. Just north of Bad Bentheim is Nordhorn. In this city you can visit the zoo or go for a walk through the green city park, but also the shopping enthusiasts can indulge themselves there. Characteristic for the city of Nordhorn is the river Vecht, which makes its way through the city. To the east of Nordhorn lies the enormous forest and heathland area of Engdener Wüste/Heseper Moor.

Canoeing through National Park Weerribben-Wieden
The water-rich Weerribben-Wieden National Park is located in the Kop van Overijssel. It is considered to be the largest lowland swamp in north-western Europe and was created centuries ago by peat extraction in this area. In the national park the reed and the many waterways characterize the landscape. Polders, ditches, lakes, reed beds and swamp forests, everything can be found here. Because water and land alternate here, the area is the habitat of thousands of plant and animal species. An example of this is the bright orange butterfly. Because of the large amount of water, a canoe or small boat is the best and most fun way to explore the National Park on your own. For lovers, there are even real canoe routes! Along the way you will spot special birds and perhaps even one of the otters, which have been successfully reintroduced here since 2002.

Part of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park is the "Venice of the North": Giethoorn. Along the tree-lined village moat of this picturesque town you can walk over narrow bridges and past impressive farms. Cars cannot reach the water-rich centre of Giethoorn, so everything happens here by boat or by leg wagon. The various large and small lakes around Giethoorn form the backdrop for all kinds of water sports activities. Would you rather take it easy? Rent a boat and enjoy the soothing effect of the water that surrounds you with the sun on your face. Moor at one of the uninhabited islands and have a picnic. A nice alternative for a lunch in the tourist village centre of Giethoorn!

Which activity do you choose?
Overijssel is characterised by the presence of several Hanseatic cities: Zwolle, Kampen, Ommen, Oldenzaal, Deventer and Hasselt. All six of them were members of the so-called Hanseatic League, an association of merchants around the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and at strategic locations in the hinterland, centuries ago. Employees of the tourist offices in the various cities, as well as our own landlords, will be happy to inform you about the various activities that you can undertake from a holiday home in these cities. Think, for example, of a nice sailing or walking route or a visit to a museum.

Spending the night in Overijssel
The varied landscape around the holiday homes in Overijssel naturally also requires a wide range of accommodations. is the right place for this. On our website we offer you more than 300 nature houses in Overijssel, varying from forest hut and group accommodation to luxury villa and safari tent. So there is plenty of choice and there are plenty of opportunities for your travel group to find a suitable holiday home. With the help of our search filters you can easily find the most suitable holiday home for your next holiday.

For all our nature cottages is that they are a nice place throughout the year to spend a holiday with the whole family. Overijssel is in all seasons a wonderful place to stay. You can walk, cycle and canoe, but also visit museums, birdwatching from your boat or simply relax in your nature house. Whatever your holiday plans are, you can carry them out in our holiday homes in Overijssel. Are you coming here soon together with your partner, friends, family or just enjoy the peace, space, nature and each other? Welcome!