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The province of North Brabant, in the Netherlands, is home to a lot of natural beauty. Such as the waterways and swamps in the Biesbosch and the farmlands and forest of the Kempen. In some parts of North Brabant you will find yourself in the desert, this due to the province having a number of shifting sands including the Herpse woods, National Park the Loonse and Drunen Dunes. In Brabant you can also find many woodlands, interspersed with olders, farms and agricultural lands.

Flora and fauna

Despite the many villages and towns within North Brabant, it also offers a lot of natural beauty. The many rivers, polders, forests and meadows are home to several species of fish, amphibians, birds, small mammals, deer and Scottish Highlanders. Perhaps you’ll stroll across some of them during your holiday in this multifaced region!


In the many natural areas of Brabant you can wander around and clear your head, kick a ball or even build a tree house. The mostly flat landscape in these areas gives the prefecture opportunity for a considerable walking or cycling trip, optionally together with a nature guide. Or what about a private boat to explore the many islands in the Biesbosch? It’s all possible in Brabant. And what better than to finish the day with a local delicacy, such as the sausage roll or the Bossche bol?