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Rent a holiday home in Marche? View all rural holiday homes in Marche here. This region is located in the middle of Italy. The region is very attractive for hikers and nature lovers, so there are many flowers to admire in the spring. Would you like to experience the agriturismo for yourself in Marche?

In Marche is the Apennine mountain range, this chain is spread over several regions in Italy. The highest point in this region is almost 2500 meters high. This beautiful mountain range is wonderfully beautiful to explore. For nature lovers, Marche is definitely worth a visit. Are you also a nature lover and are you a lover of Italy then Marche is really something for you. We offer holiday homes in Marche and in the Apennines. These holiday homes are all beautiful and quietly situated so you can experience the optimal peace and quiet on your holiday.

The capital of Marche is Ancona. Ancona is a city located by the sea, a port city. With just over 100,000 inhabitants, Ancona is not such a big city. The city is located on the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Sea is a sea that borders the Mediterranean Sea and is located on the east coast of Italy. The entire Marche region is thus adjacent to the Adriatic Sea. Would you like a holiday near the Adriatic? Then take a look at the holiday homes near the Adriatic Sea on The cottages near the Adriatic Sea can be found in Marche as well as in other Eastern Italian regions.

The coastline of Marche is sometimes particularly beautiful. There are quite a few rocky coasts. The region is not yet very popular among tourists, this is unjustified because the region has a lot of variety and is therefore definitely worth a visit.

In addition, national park Sibilini Mountains can be found in Marche. As the name suggests, this is located in the mountains. There are a number of impressive animal species. You can find the mighty Golden Eagle, but wolves can also be found there with a lot of luck.

Are you unable to find a suitable holiday home in Marche? Then you can ask our helpdesk for help, they are always ready to help you in your search for your ideal holiday home in Marche.

In addition, you can also take a look at the regions that are located nearby for nice holiday homes. Perhaps that's where your dream house in Marche is!