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Rent a holiday home in Lombardy? Here you will find several rural holiday homes in Lombardy. The Lombardy region is best known for the city of Milan, but of course Lombardy is much more than that. Thus, the region has many nature parks and it offers you the opportunity to also give a visit to Switzerland.

The nature in Lombardy is really beautiful. A large part of this region is occupied by the Alps. Mountain tops of up to 4,000 meters can be found in this part of the Alps. If you like a solid mountain hike or maybe mountain biking then you can indulge yourself in Lombardy. Would you like to visit the Italian Alps? Then view the beautiful range of holiday homes in Lombardy. All these houses in Lombardy are in a rural and quiet location so that you can enjoy the peace and space.

Another reason to go on holiday to Lombardy is of course its capital. This region has Milan as its capital. Milan is the second largest city in Italy. So there is plenty to see in Milan in culture. Including the "Duomo di Milano" and the "Duomo square". In addition, they have a beautiful train station. Of course we do not offer any holiday homes in Milan. But Milan can be viewed very well from some of our rural holiday homes.

Where there are high mountains, there are often large lakes. Similarly in Lombardy. In this region you can find a number of beautiful azure blue lakes. The famous Lake Garda is also not far from this beautiful northern Italian region. In addition, as mentioned, you can take a day trip to neighboring Switzerland. The province of Lombardy borders on Switzerland and therefore gives you a good opportunity to have a look at the Swiss nature. Do you want to book a holiday home in Lombardy? Then we recommend you to take a look at the beautiful houses under this text.

Are you not quite able to find a nice holiday home for your traveling party? Then we advise you to contact our customer service. They are happy to help you find a nice holiday home in Lombardy, near Milan or in the middle of the Italian Alps.

It is of course also possible that the perfect house is not in the Lombardy region. Then you can try looking at the surrounding regions and countries. Perhaps your ideal holiday home can be found there.

Look below for a selection of holiday homes in Lombardy.