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A charming coast dotted with bays, coves, and impressive rock formations, astonishing mountains and sparkling lakes, world famous attractions such as the buried town of Pompei and the majestic Mount Vesuvius, the region is a must for nature lovers. When you visit Campania don’t rush and take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of the region. Our cottages in the heart of unspoiled nature are the perfect accommodation for a soul-stirring holiday away from the crowds.

Campania - a region of unmissable natural beauty

Campania is the third most populated region in southern Italy. With our remote cottages you have the opportunity to enjoy a holiday away from the crowds and craziness of big cities. Relax in your garden, explore the beautiful nature around you, and enjoy the peace and quietness of the natural environment. You can of course still visit the metropolitan cities like the capital Naples, Salerno, Benevento, and Avellino. Combine your wilderness experience with a cultural trip to the cities and their attractions. But now let’s focus on what the nature of Campania has to offer. One fifth of all land is made of fertile plains covered in olive trees, graveyards, and green pastures. The rest is predominantly rolling landscapes of gentle hills and undulating forests, with mountainous areas towards the east and a long coastline on the west. Actually, the woodland areas cover one third of all land. Visit the Bosco San Silvestro in the San Leucio area and take long walks through the evergreen forest. The flora there consists mainly of holm oak and Mediterranean scrub.

The coastal areas around the Gulf of Naples and the Sorrento coast offer unique scenery, and have historical, cultural, and gastronomic treasures that attract tourists from all over the world. In the Sorrento Sea you’ll find six natural and cultural world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. With its unspoiled landscapes of green vegetation and blue waters, the seaside of Campania is a great place for nature lovers. Outside of Italy, it is regarded as a symbol of the country. What else does Campania offer to its visitors? The biggest natural attraction of the region is the sublime Mount Vesuvius that will take your breath away with its overwhelming beauty. Vesuvius is located just 9km east from Naples, it is part of the Campanian volcanic arc with several active, dormant, and extinct volcanoes. The three lakes of Naples - Fusaro, Averno, and Lucrino, also offer plenty of good views. And did you know that Campania is the Italian region with the most national and regional parks and nature reserves? Yes, they make up almost a third of the whole territory! Italy harbours a total of hundred WWF Oasis, and 12 of those are situated namely in Campania.

What can you do when staying in a cottage in Campania?

Find beauty beyond comparison and immerse yourself in nature. Swim, snorkel, or dive in the crystal clear waters of Campania. Sailing and fishing around the coast are also possible. Paddling is one of the most popular activities in water. Explore the landscapes on a canoe or kayak. White-water rafting can also be a fun activity for family and friends. Just make sure you don’t fall in the water, and if you do, just laugh about it! For more adventurous activities you can try rock climbing or canyoning in the mountains. Expect to get a real adrenaline rush and a thrilling experience. In this regard, we can also advise you to follow one of the challenging mountain biking trails in Campania. And if you’re simply looking for relaxing activities, take leisure strolls or less demanding hikes in the hills and forests. Make a picnic with the whole family, go flower picking, bird watching, or just go lazing around in one of the hidden beaches in Campania and soak up the sun all day long.