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Find a suitable holiday home in Basilicata here. offers a selective selection of holiday homes in Basilicata. This region is located in the south of Italy and is also called Lucania. Basilicata is a region full of nature and is therefore an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers.

The Lucania or Basilicata region consists largely of mountains. Among other things, there are the famous mountain ranges, the southern Apennines, but also the Lucanic Dolomites. The highest point is Monte Pollino, which is more than 2 kilometres high. The area is therefore a good holiday destination for the walker who likes a brisk mountain hike. Would you like to go on holiday to the Apennines or the Lucanic Dolomites? has beautifully situated holiday homes in the Apennines and the Lucanic Dolomites.

But there is much more to experience in this beautiful region. The capital of Basilicata is Potenza. Potenza is located in the southern Apennines. It is a small city and has only around 70,000 inhabitants but certainly worth a visit. Take a look at holiday homes in Basilicata that are located near Potenza. The holiday homes in Basilicata are situated in the countryside and are ideal for a restful holiday full of natural beauty.

The beauty of this southern Italian region is actually that the region is not yet known to mass tourism. So you can enjoy the local cultures in peace and quiet and so you don't suffer from tourist influences. So you can enjoy the local restaurants with their own specialties. Would you like to visit a region that has not yet been put on the map in terms of tourism? Then this is definitely your chance to go to Basilicata on holiday. has selected a number of beautiful holiday homes for you. So you can enjoy your holiday in peace and quiet and also experience a lot of privacy.

Would you rather have help finding a nice holiday home in Basilicata? We, the employees of would like to help you with that. Through our experience we can quickly make a suitable proposal for you. We like to think along with you.

Take a look at the holiday homes in the surrounding regions in southern Italy. Maybe your holiday home is located in one of the neighbouring regions. You can also take a look in the south of Spain or Portugal. These are also areas with beautiful spring temperatures and certainly worth a visit.