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Cottages in Ireland

Fed up by the crowded places of the popular tourist destinations? Then Ireland should be next on your bucket list. It's one undiscovered paradise with vast and unspoiled nature. Breath-taking landscapes of the sea and mountains, dramatic rock formations, and one of the best countryside in the world. It's the perfect escape from the crowds and mass tourism. Staying in one of our remote cottages in Ireland is also one of the most pleasant ways to unplug from the hustle and bustle of the big city and find peace in nature.

Even if Ireland is off-radar for you, we hope you change your mind. The highest cliff in all Europe, down-to-earth and friendly locals (who still believe that fairies exist, by the way), home to more than 1,000 castles and the oldest pub on the planet. Is that something you should just ignore? According to the 2017 list of National Geographic Traveler magazine, the Irish region County Donegal is the coolest destination in the world. If you're a Star Wars fan, you probably know it's also the place where the last trilogy was filmed. Even if it's hard to access, Donegal promises visitors a memorable experience. It comprises the 2,500 km Wild Atlantic Way into a 7 km nutshell. Ireland is one of the best destinations for hiking holidays.

Nature in Ireland

The range of flora and fauna on the island is quite similar to that of Britain but significantly less diverse. This is because Ireland was completely covered in the last Ice Age, and all animal and plant species that are now in the country have migrated from Britain and the rest of Europe. Don’t get disappointed though. Ireland is a forgotten country but there are many reasons to visit. Tourism experts describe the land as a world-class wilderness. One particular place that has intrigued people with its unique nature for many years now. This is the Cliff Coast. The region is striking because it’s where Ice-Age scenery meets the warm west-coast helping to create the perfect habitat for different species. Especially The Burren region in County Clare, where you can observe Mediterranean and Arctic plants growing close together in peace and harmony. Next to the diversity of plants, making up 70% of the native Irish flora, The Burren region lures travellers with magnificent views of limestone formations, crystal clear lakes and if you’re lucky, underground rivers might show up. Overall, the natural vegetation in Ireland was primarily forests, but now it occupies merely 5% of all land. The wildlife in the animal world has only a few dissimilarities to the one in Britain. Some species are missing, while others, like the spotted slug and woodlice, are only present in Ireland. The fox, tree marten, otter, and badger are among the 35 mammal species you can find in Ireland. Sometimes you can even spot a deer from your secluded cottage. As for the birds, unique to the land are the jay, red grouse, dipper, and coal tit.

Activities and hiking in Ireland

In Ireland, nearly all activities involve nature in one way or another. Thanks to the low population density outside of the cities there’s plenty of unique nature to explore. You could for example visit the Cliffs of Moher, which rise up over 120 meters out of the Atlantic Ocean. Other possibilities for excursions in Ireland include the Irish Glendalough valley, the famous monastery Kylemore Abbey, Newgrange mound, a fishing trip, exploring caves, and visiting museums in Irish towns and cities. The warm Gulf stream makes hiking in Ireland one of the best activities to do all year round. Expect no weather extremes, but still be prepared for a lot of rainy days. There are plenty of hiking trails you can choose from. For the more inexperienced hikers, you can check The Causeway Coast with its amazing cliffs, or Way Torc Mountain that uncovers views of the Killarney National Park and a few charming waterfalls along the way. If you’re up for a real challenge, then take The Dingle Way. It’s a 179km hiking trail along the Dingle Peninsula. You can test your stamina taking the whole path, or visit just some of the beautiful spots, like the Annascaul glaciated valley. It’s more off the beaten path so you can enjoy the views unbothered by large crowds. Follow the thrashing stream that crosses the valley, sits by one of the waterfalls or the tranquil Annascaul lake.

Our cottages in Ireland

On this page, you will find some of the most beautiful homes in all of Ireland. You can rent a traditional cottage (some even have the b&b option) or a cottage that is also similar to a log cabin for a more intimate holiday. They all differ in their level of luxury and more importantly, their location in nature. You have to think about the activities you are planning. Book your cottage in the mountain region to enjoy a hiking holiday, or near the sea, if you want to have a beautiful view from your window. Our cottages are perfect for a cozy and heart-warming holiday in autumn and winter. You can have a beautiful Christmas celebration away from home or a simple weekend away in nature. You can make your stay in Ireland an adventurous, relaxing experience, or a combination of both! It’s also possible to surprise your partner with a romantic getaway on the island. In one of our Irish cottages in the middle of nowhere, you are guaranteed an intimate and private holiday for the two of you to enjoy together. Take a moment to choose the best lodge in Ireland for your dream holiday and start with the planning. Close to Ireland is Scotland - a fairytale destination with enchanting forests; Wales - where you can watch the spectacular salmon leap; and England with its magical mountains and calming rural side.