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Cottages in Thuringia

Holiday homes Thuringia in or near nature? Look no further: we have them here for you to rent! All our holiday homes in Thuringia have one thing in common, they are located in or near the most beautiful nature of the region. Thuringia is one of the sixteen German states, located in the middle of Germany. The region is known for its enormous natural resources.

The capital of Thuringia is Erfurt. The region is surrounded by no less than five other regions: Saxony, Hesse, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt. The region has many different landscapes, such as the foothills of the Harz in the north. In the south, the region is dominated by a low mountain range called the Thuringian Forest. If you are looking for a holiday home in the Thuringian forest or in the nature of the Harz, then you have come to the right place!

Holiday home the Harz

The Harz is the northernmost low mountain range in Germany. The highest mountain in the area is the Brocken (about 1140 meters) and the southern part of the mountain range stretches over the Thuringia region. In the vast forests of this low mountain range, there are still many mammals, so you can find wild boar and foxes. But it is also possible to observe a lynx. For this, you need a good dose of luck, but if you pay attention during a walk at dusk it should be possible. The best place to spend the night is in a Harz holiday home on These holiday homes are all located in or near the nature of this low mountain range.

Holiday home Thuringian Forest

The Thuringian Forest is one of Germany's largest forests. The low mountain range stretches over an area of 120 by 35 kilometres and is located entirely in Thuringia. The Thuringian Forest is ideal for long walks. There are many hiking trails in the forest and you can take hours of walking yourself. You will be able to observe many special bird species in the forest. Species that you can find here include grey-headed woodpecker, black woodpecker, and crested tit. Also for those who love flora, there is still a lot to discover in this relatively inhospitable forest. The best way to discover the Thuringia region is from a holiday home in the middle of nature. We offer you a wide range of holiday homes all in the middle of nature.0

Are you interested in the nature of Thuringia? Or do you want to know more about renting or letting a holiday home in this beautiful region? Or would you like to see walking routes before you book a holiday home on With us everything is possible, we will gladly help you to find a suitable stay for your summer, winter, and autumn holiday.