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Cottages in Saarland

Saarland is one of the German federal states and borders neighbouring France and Luxembourg. The region owes its name to the river Saar, a tributary of the famous Moselle. Along this river you will find extensive vineyards. The border with its neighbouring countries in Saarland is formed by the Saar-Hunsrück Natural Park, where beautiful hiking trails lead you past castles, Roman castles and atmospheric, characteristic villages. Four of the hundreds of hiking trails that run through Saarland have already been awarded the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany. One of them is the route of the Felsenweg with a real barefoot path! Despite the fact that your holiday home is located in Germany, the people of Saarland regularly speak French. After the Second World War, the French had control here, which is still noticeable in daily life in Saarland.

Flora and fauna

The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park is located on the border with the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. This park was only recently established, in 2015. Heavily wooded hills of beech and spruce, lakes, grasslands, vineyards and valleys characterize the landscape here. You can explore this region by bike or on foot. Along the way you will come across different kinds of plants and floras. Examples are daffodils, mushrooms and orchids. And what about the carnivorous sundew? Although you can look for peace and quiet in the national park, it's best to keep your eyes open for adventure. The park is the habitat of woodpeckers, deer, snakes, lizards and finally the wild cat!


If you book a holiday home in Saarland, you can't ignore the wine. Saarland is a real wine region, so you'll pass by on your way to your destination or day out from different vineyards. The locals are proud of their wines. From July to October you are very welcome to visit one of the many organized wine festivals together with them. Along the vineyards flow the Saar and the Moselle, very nice to see the surroundings from a boat or canoe from a different side. Of course you can also "just" bike or walk. The cycling and hiking trails, which are often very well marked, are suitable for both advanced and beginners. On the way you can enjoy the beautiful views over the rolling green hills. Right in the south of Saarland is the capital Saarbrücken, a lively university town with a cozy center full of shops and cafes. Today, it is only a half-hour's drive away from Homburg, where you can visit the largest caves in the whole of Europe. A destination not to be missed when staying in Saarland!

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