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Are you looking for a holiday home in Lower Saxony? Here you can find an overview of rural holiday homes in Lower Saxony. The region of Lower Saxony, with Hannover as its capital, is located in the North West of Germany and borders on the Netherlands. The German Wadden Islands belong to the Lower Saxony. In addition, there are many nature reserves that can be visited in this region.

The nature in Lower Saxony is very varied. It has a wadden region, but also heathland and peat areas. The Lower Saxony is therefore not very different from the Dutch nature. Nevertheless, it is an attractive region for nature lovers to visit a holiday home. The space, tranquillity and variety are the key elements for a typical holiday in Lower Saxony. You can find several holiday homes on our website for a suitable stay in this area.

Below is a list of the national parks and other nature reserves in this region:

NP Wattenmeer

This national park consists of the wadden region of Germany. It has beautiful landscapes and is an ideal area for birds. Many people have probably seen the Dutch Wadden Islands before. The German Wadden can be a nice change, because they are not far from the Dutch border. Are you looking for a holiday home near or in the German wadden? Look here and choose between several suitable holiday homes in the German Wadden Islands.

NP Harz

Harz National Park shows a completely different side of the Lower Saxony. Part of the Harz Mountains is located in the beautiful mystical park. You will find fairytale-like forests interspersed with high moor landscapes. Holiday homes in or near Harz National Park can be found here. All holiday homes are suitable for a quiet stay in nature.

In addition to the National Parks, Lower Saxony has a lot more to offer. The nature reserves at a glance: Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen, Elbhöhen-Wendland, Elm-Lappwald, Dümmer, Lüneburger Heide, Münden, Soonwald-Nahe, Steinhuder Meer, Südheide, TERRA vita, Wesser Uplands-Schaumburg-Hamelin, Wildehausen Geest. Find your holiday home near the nature reserve you want to visit. You can choose from several holiday homes in Lower Saxony.

In addition to the parks, there is of course much more nature to experience. For example, there are holiday homes that have their own forest and shelter at their disposal. The ultimate experience of peace and quiet and space. The cottage "holiday home" in Hohes Moor is an example of this. Nice to see birds or other animals up close, or to photograph them.

The Lower Saxony is an ideal holiday destination for a week's rest from the hustle and bustle of life, for example. Its perfect location, close to the Dutch border, makes it nice to visit one of the holiday homes in Lower Saxony. Take a look at the beautiful holiday homes that we have to offer. And for questions you can always contact the owner of the holiday home / cottage.