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Are you looking for a cottage Limousin? Then you are at the right place, as offers several holiday homes Limousin. The Limousin is a region that has a lot to offer nature lovers. Located in the middle of France one would not expect the peace and space that this relatively unknown region has to offer. But let yourself be surprised and discover the quiet countryside of France.

The Limousin region consists mainly of forests and cultivated grasslands. The region is particularly well known in the field of agriculture. The sloping fields interspersed with small picturesque villages form the landscape of the Limousin. The region is part of the Massif Central that stretches over several regions in France: Auvergne, Lozere and the Ayveron.

A striking appearance that you will certainly encounter here is the Limousin beef. This beef used to be used here as a work breed and can now be found all over the world. The Limousin cattle are relatively large and have a red/brown coat. It could very well be that you have seen this breed of cattle in the Netherlands.

In the middle of the Limousin is the Plateau of Millevaches. On this enormous plateau various rivers and streams find their origin. Nearby is a large heathland that is always worth a visit. You will find breeding grey-backed shrikes, turntables and tree falcons. The tree falcons hunt the heather and try to catch dragonflies. An impressive sight! Book a holiday house in the Limousin at Natuurhuisje and you can see all this with your own eyes.

Also in the rest of the region there is plenty to do. As mentioned before, the region consists mainly of agricultural land. But this is certainly not boring to call, the landscape is totally different from ours in the Netherlands. There are fields with sunflowers and next to that the cornflower just blooms on the side of the road. This also brings with it a unique avifauna. What about yellow buntings that forage on the verge of the road in winter? In the summer you can hear the nephew of the yellowhammer of almost every telephone cable singing (grey bunting) and you don't leave a village without singing European canaries to hear 'ringing'.

Are you interested in renting a holiday home in the Limousin? Or do you want more information about one of the holiday homes of in this unknown region. Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly tell you more about the flora and fauna of this region. Of course we are also happy to help you find holiday homes, because that is also one of our specialties.