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Book your holiday home in Languedoc here. All holiday homes in Languedoc on are beautifully situated.Languedoc-Roussillon is a region situated between the regions of Provence and the Midi-pyrenees. The region is about 28,000 km2 and consists of the departments: Aude, Gard, Hérault, Lorèze and Pyrénées-Orientales. Languedoc-Roussillon is the largest wine region in France and formerly consisted of the provinces of Languedoc and Roussillon.

For many Dutch people the region is a lot less known than the neighbouring Provence. However, Languedoc also has a lot to offer, such as a number of protected natural parks and a trip to nearby Spain. We have a suitable Languedoc holiday home that offers you the opportunity to explore the nature of this beautiful province. You will be amazed by the versatility and you will enjoy the "real" France. Looking for a holiday home Cevennen or a holiday home Pyrenees, here you will certainly find a suitable stay!

There are two protected nature parks in Languedoc. The holiday homes on our website are an excellent starting point to visit these areas. In addition, you can enjoy the French culture integrated into nature. The many vineyards give beautiful landscapes and gives you a different kind of nature than we are used to.

Holiday home Cevennen or holiday home Pyrenees in the Languedoc Roussillon region also give you the opportunity to explore the mountain range "the Pyrenees". A place where you can find different types of vultures and eagles. From a holiday home in the Pyrenees you will be in the middle of nature in no time!

As mentioned before, the region has two protected natural parks. One regional and one national park. Cevennen National Park and Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park. These two areas are briefly explained below. A holiday home Cevennen is an ideal place to explore this national park.

Cottage Cevennen

An enormous area with a size of over 320,000 hectares of natural beauty. The Cevennes consists of low mountains and has beautiful untouched landscapes. Various mountain streams and streams make the area attractive for walking. Enjoy this beautiful gem in the south by booking an overnight stay in a bed and breakfast or holiday home Languedoc near this area.

Holiday home near nature park Haut-Languedoc

Haut-Languedoc is a 260,000 hectare area. It is a park that typifies the region. The variation between villages, open landscape and bushy mountains makes it pleasant to explore. It also shows you the beautiful vineyards Languedoc is known for. Enjoy a delicious local wine in your cottage after a tough but beautiful walk. The area is also located in the "Midi-Pyrénées" region, so if you don't find a suitable holiday home here, look no further than this region.

Cottage Languedoc

Of course, nature doesn't have to be protected to be beautiful. Languedoc offers you besides the protected nature reserves also beautiful local nature. From the Languedoc holiday homes we offer you can explore this nature. Each holiday home will show you a different part of nature. Of course you can also choose to explore the entire region and then you can use the bed and breakfast that we offer. Be surprised by this region and experience peace and space. Take a look at the other regions in France. France has a lot to offer to nature and we offer you accommodations (from holiday homes Languedoc to a bed and breakfast in Brittany).