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Would you like to rent a holiday home in Champagne? The Champagne-Ardenne region in France consists of four departments: Aube, Ardennes, Marne and Haute-Marne. Champagne-Ardenne is located in the north of France and borders on Belgium. It is an ideal holiday destination because it is less than 300km from the Dutch border. This makes it a great place to spend a week or weekend in a holiday home in this region.

The nature in Champagne-Ardenne is beautiful and different than in other regions of France. It will remind you of the Belgian province of Namur (Namur). Visit a holiday home Champagne of Natuurhuisje, or holiday homes Champagne and you will be amazed by this beautiful part of the French Ardennes.

Champagne-Ardenne has two regional nature parks. Both areas will be explained below.

Regional natural park la Fôret d'Orient

A vast nature reserve with beautiful forests and a number of large lakes. In the autumn beautiful with the falling foliage, and in the spring delicious among the singing birds. The area is ideal for nature lovers who love a lovely long walk. In autumn, after a nice walk, you can enjoy a hot cup of chocolate, milk or snert in the holiday home. In the summer very suitable to go with the family to go. Let the children play in the woods and enjoy the peace and space around you. The Champagne holiday homes on the site are perfect for this, as is a Champagne holiday home.

Regional natural park Berg van Reims

This park also consists of many forests. This is typical for this region and for the whole of the Ardennes. However, this park is different from "la Fôret d'Orient". In the nature reserve "Mountain of Reims" there are also signs that it is located in a wine region. So we exchange the cup of chocolate milk for a delicious local wine. In the forests of "Berg van Reims" you can sometimes find very characteristic trees. Holiday homes near or in "Berg van Reims" you will find below.

The French Ardennes are a very suitable holiday destination. Choose from the range of different holiday homes Champagne, bed and breakfast, cottages and guest rooms. Go and explore and notice that there is indeed a difference with the Belgian Ardennes. Northern France is also France, although you wouldn't say that when you compare the seaside resort of Marseille with a local village in the French Ardennes. Make your children enthusiastic about nature, by building huts, bird-watching, treasure hunts or other nature-related activities.

Can't find a holiday home in Champagne that's right for you? Then look for a Champagne holiday home in other regions in the north of France or try to find a holiday home in the Belgian Ardennes. You will certainly find a suitable accommodation. Let breakfast be taken care of by trying out a bed and breakfast. Have fun in this beautiful part of France!