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The heart of France is formed by Paris and the regions around it. One of these regions is Burgundy. Burgundy, also called Burgundy, is located in the region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Burgundy is characterized as a natural area with beautiful wooded areas, lakes and hilly landscapes. With a holiday home in Burgundy you can live in the middle of nature and relax completely for a while.

Burgundy as a wine region

When you think of France, you think of wine. France is one of the largest wine producers in the world. There are a number of popular wine regions in the country that are loved by tourists. Burgundy has always been one of these famous wine regions. Already in 51 BC the Romans found Celts who produced wine in this area. Nowadays, Burgundy is best known for its red and white wines. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the most common grape varieties in the region. A number of large wine products are located in this region.

In Burgundy there are several wine routes that will introduce you to the many vineyards but also to the beautiful nature in which the vineyards are hidden. An iconic point among the vineyards that you shouldn't miss is the Roche de Solutré. Between the vineyards of Maçon you'll find this steep cliff in the middle of the vineyards which makes for an impressive picture. If you're looking for adventure, you can climb this 493-metre-high rock for stunning views over the Saône Valley and the Alps. This hike through the nature of France is also a real experience for children. After this beautiful walk you can relax at your cottage with a nice wine. For a true wine lover, Burgundy is the perfect place to rent a holiday home.

Nature is central

In addition to many places of interest and beautiful villages and towns, Burgundy is mainly a region where nature is central. You can take this literally because in the centre of Burgundy lies Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan. This regional nature park is a feast for the eyes and is characterized by the hilly forest areas and fauna, but also by the many waterways and ponds. Also for the animal lover, this park is highly recommended to visit. About fifty species of animals live here, so there is a good chance that you will see a roe deer at one of the lakes or that you will see wild boars and foxes playing in the forest. The Morvan is the ideal place to walk in Burgundy. There are many landscaped footpaths that take you along the most beautiful pictures.

On the lakes of Morvan you can rent canoes and pedalos. So you can take the whole family on an adventure to one of the islands in the big lakes. Many of the lakes in the area are man-made. Some for storing water from the tributaries of the Yonne and the Cure, but also some for transporting wood. Today, Lake Settons is no longer used for transporting wood, but is a popular stop for mountain bikers.

The land of castles

Of course, France is also the country of castles. In Burgundy there are a number of castles that you should definitely have seen. The castle of Cormatin is a beautiful castle with many influences from the Renaissance period. This castle is one of the few seventeenth century inspired castles left in France. The castle of Clos de Vougeot is also a pearl to see because of its location in the open fields. So Burgundy continues to amaze you with the alternation between the different types of nature.

The Abbey of Fontenay
One of the most famous sights in Burgundy is the Abbey of Fontenay. The abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is situated in a secluded green valley far from civilization. Here you can relax completely between the buildings from the 12th century and beautiful gardens. Around the abbey you will find a number of walking routes along paths where monks used to walk. For young and old it is an impressive area.

Villages and cities

In the midst of nature in Burgundy, there are beautiful villages and towns that are definitely worth a visit. The capital of Burgundy is Dijon. In the centre of Dijon you will find old mansions, stately buildings but also many cosy restaurants. Between walking in nature and tasting the wines, this is a great day out during your holiday.

If you want to visit historic streets and alleys, a day in Vézelay is highly recommended. Vézelay is a pilgrimage town and is situated on the route to Santiago de Compostela. In this town you can stroll around and discover the various old buildings. The centre of the city is the Sainte-Madeleine Basilica. This basilica was built in the 9th century and is dedicated to Mary. The basilica is accessible to visitors. Together with shops and restaurants you can have a nice historical day in Vézelay.

If you are looking for the wine capital of Burgundy, you should be in Beaune. Beaune is located in the heart of the Côte d'Or wine region, not to be confused with chocolate. Côte d'Or translated into 'golden slopes' because the wine from this area is on the pricey side. Don't let this deter you, because Beaune is the place to taste the best wines. In the city you will find several wine tastings and even a wine museum. In Musée du Vin you will learn everything about the making of wines and the region. Highly recommended for the wine lover.

Holiday homes in Burgundy are the ideal places to relax in nature. For young and old, this region has much to offer making it the ideal holiday for the whole family, but also for the real walkers and of course wine lovers.