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Cottages in Lapland

Find some of the most charming cottages in Lapland on this page. All located in remote places in nature, our homes offer the notorious Lapland wilderness on your doorstep. Venture out where few men have been and discover the nordic landscapes and unique wildlife. Above all, don’t forget to watch the skies, maybe you’ll be lucky to catch a glimpse of the magical Northern Lights...

Our Lapland cottages are suitable for any type of holiday!

Choose Lapland for your romantic trip, family vacation, adventure holiday, and if you’re a winter and water sport enthusiast. Or perhaps you just want a spa weekend in solitude, to recharge your batteries in a nice atmosphere? No matter the type of holiday you’re planning, the region will reward you with breathtaking views of dense forests, snow deserts, icy lakes, and colorful skies. Just imagine the amazing views from your secluded holiday home. Keep your eyes on the window and you might even encounter reindeers visiting your yard! Some of our cottages are situated right in the middle of Pyhä-Luosto nature reserve that is full of life. Next to the reindeers, there are also mosses, lynx, otters, wolves, even bears! Of course, a fishing holiday is more than possible in Lapland’s waters. After all, Finland is called the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” for a reason. The anglers have a great chance to catch salmon, trout, graylink, pike, the Arctic char, and more. Bird enthusiasts and experts are also welcomed. Observe the capercaillie, grouse, snow grouse, partridge, and make some impressive photographs.

What to do when you’re staying in the middle of nature?

There’s always plenty of activities you can plan in the greater outdoors. Leisure strolls in the woods, swimming in the lakes, skiing or snowboarding, and all of this is possible in Lapland as well. Don’t mind the cold winter weather - you can swim in your private indoor pool. Or even better - try the famous Finnish tradition of bathing in the outdoor sauna. Except the spa retreats you can enjoy in your home, the nordic region offers some unique adventures in the wild. Popular activities in water include rafting in one of the thrashin streams, fishing and paddling, kayaking and canoeing. Go to a safari in the wild and observe wild bears in their natural habitat. And keep an eye on the skies, especially if you’re travelling between September and March. Day or night, in northern Lapland you have the opportunity to observe the magical performance of the Northern Lights every time when the sky is clear! If you’re visiting Lapland for your Christmas holiday, make sure you also visit Santa himself! Go to the charming village of Rovaniemi and meet Santa Claus in person. What a lovely adventure for the children!

The roads in Finland are maintained in good condition at any time of the year, so a road trip is always an option for you. Can you think of any other mode of transportation that is definitely more fun than a road trip? We can suggest horse sleigh rides, possible in the winter and summer. And if that’s something that you’ve tried before, then why not visit a reindeer farm and ride a reindeer! There’s just a few places where you can offer this experience to your children, and Lapland is luckily one of the best. One additional means of transportation that you’ve probably never tried before is a carriage ride with huskies! Enjoy a ride with these beautiful animals and marvel at the remarkable landscapes all around you. It's a great adventure for big and small, just like in the movies! And the husky safaris can be found in more than a few places, so you have no excuses.

Skiing in Lapland

There is one thing that Finland is missing - mountains. Yet, our beloved skiers shouldn’t be disappointed because there are still places you can go skiing in Lapland. The snowy hills offer the perfect skiing conditions for both beginners and experts. Do you know what the “Big Four” of Lapland is? Yes, it refers to ski resorts in the region. Those are Levi, Ylläs, Pyhä-Luosto and Ruka. From October until May you can go skiing in Lapland without any worries - the place is one of the most snow secure areas in all of Europe. The land goes up to 700m above sea level, and the ski slopes reach 3km in length. Quite impressive for a country with no mountains, right? The Pyhä ski resort is interesting in that it is placed directly in the first National Park in Finland. The ski resort has around 11km of slopes available, and is located on elevations between 200 and 500m. Like in most of Lapland’s resorts, the ski pistes here are mostly wide so that beginners and the little ones also have a chance to use them. If you’re an experienced skier, you can also find slopes that are more steep for a bigger adventure.

Weather in Finland

You already got the idea that Finland is a completely new world compared to most European countries, and the weather is no different. The winter season starts already in autumn, and has zero to three daylight hours per day! As for the summer, this is when you can discover the land below the snow with the best sunny days in all Scandinavia. In the land of the midnight sun there are weeks of eternal sunlight in the month of June. Surprising or not, the sunlight actually increases your chances of seeing the Northern Lights! If you're still unsure when you want to plan your Lapland holiday, check our all of our accommodation in Lapland with availability info for the whole year, and get some inspiration from the winter and summer landscapes.

The long winter season with perfect snow, and the long daylight hours allow you to go skiing in Lapland in the sun for more than 12 hours. This is mostly possible in March and April, even though it is supposed to be spring for most other countries. But still, you have to be prepared with some warm clothes because the arctic cold may surprise you. From December to February (February especially) the temperatures can drop to -30°C! Still, you can expect average temperatures in the range -16°C to -3°C. Don’t let this stop you from a lovely skiing experience on the great snow, which is arguably even better than in the Alps. At the end of the pistes, there are usually places with heaters and thick blankets, where you can get warm. The shops also offer rentals for skiing equipment for the little ones especially, so that you don’t have to worry about your kid getting cold.