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This department is located in the north of France and has many beautiful places where you can enjoy nature in one of the holiday homes via Nord has an area of 5743 km2 and over 2,600,000 inhabitants. Are you looking for a holiday home in the nature of Nord? Enjoy in the south of Nord in holiday homes in the 'green lungs' of the department. Here you will find a hilly area with meadows. In Cambrai, Douai, Valenciennes and Le Cateau-Cambrésis lovers of art can enjoy everything this region has to offer.

Regional Natural Park Avesnois

Are you looking for a holiday home in the south of Nord? Visit this 125,000 hectare regional natural park. Enjoy the many forests, forests and rivers in this part of the Nord. An element not to be missed is the lake of Val-Joly. If you are staying in a holiday home near this natural park, you can enjoy the many water sports that you can do on and around Val-Joy. Are you looking for a holiday home in the woods? Then take a walk through the forest of Mormal, which is the largest forest massif in the North Nearest of Calais region.

Scarpe-Scheldt Regional Natural Park

This 43,000 hectare park is crossed by the Scarpe and the Scheldt. Stay in one of the holiday homes in Nord and take a beautiful walk through the forest of Raismes Saint Amand Wallers. Pay a visit to the town that lies in this park, where you can see well-preserved fortress walls. Once the Scheldt ran right through the city, but now the river is canalized. The old locks still remind us of this time. Walking routes along the old settlements set the tone for an exploration in a beautiful region with lots of greenery and water. Are you looking for a holiday home in the nature of Nord? Take a walk on the terraces that are covered with pant forests, marshes and fens.

Water plays a crucial role in the park and the special nature of the wetlands has ensured that it is included in the wetland conservation register of the Ramsar Convention. Enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer in a gite in this region of Nord. During a walk, discover the special flora and fauna that can be found here, such as the dwarf bat, the water bat, the ermine, the polecat, the yellow-bellied turtle, as well as the king's website.