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Would you like to rent a holiday home in East Flanders? Click here for an overview of our rural holiday homes in East Flanders. The province of East Flanders is dotted with beautiful nature reserves, here are holiday homes from which you can explore this beautiful nature. There you will find a holiday home near the water and the dunes. The province forms a palette of small and large nature reserves, which are very diverse.

You will find old meanders of the Scheldt, Leie or Dender. But also small bushes on the slopes of the Flemish Ardennes or forests on the sand ridges between Maldegem and Stekene.

The areas are ideal for long walks or cycling tours. But often you can also just sit in the garden near the holiday homes East Flanders and enjoy everything that grows and blossoms in the area. This province is especially suitable if you want to get away from your busy daily life and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside for a while. Observing wadden birds, throwing a fishing rod or riding your horse through the dunes? Then you will probably find a suitable accommodation here.

Holiday home water and dunes

Because the province of East Flanders is located on the Oosterschelde, you can find a suitable holiday home, water and dunes here. The mud flats near the Oosterschelde are beautiful nature reserves where often thousands of birds can be found. They are often waders who are looking for all kinds of small worms and other insects during their hike. In this way, the birds regain their strength before their long treks start again. You can often observe the birds from a bird-watching hut. Often the owner of your holiday home, water and dunes, has information about the surroundings of East Flanders. Usually there are walking routes in the holiday homes East Flanders, but a visit to the local tourists information often provides a good picture of what is going on in the area.

Holiday home East Flanders

There are thousands of websites on the internet that offer holiday homes. But on not one website is a nature holiday home East Flanders offered in a natural environment. And now it does not stop at one holiday home. The website now has several holiday homes East Flanders to offer, from where you can explore the beautiful nature of the region.

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Were you looking for a holiday home, dunes or water on the website but you didn't find what you were looking for? No problem at all, because in other provinces of Belgium you may find suitable holiday homes from where you can explore the nature of the country. In addition, there is always our editorial staff who will help you with love and pleasure in the search for your holiday homes East Flanders!