Nature house in Wellerlooi

Very good 10 reviews
Very good 10 reviews


Nature house-id 24558
Region Limburg
Country Netherlands
Number of guests 12
Bedrooms 5
Type cottage, group accommodation

About this nature house

Lodge Maasduinen is located in beautiful National Park Maasduinen, in a unique location. This special house is built with a lot of wood and natural materials, features large, soapstone stoves and handmade furniture; really authentic and with a special, warm atmosphere. Everything is focused on pure nature. You won't find a TV here, but instead a large garden with tree trunk chairs. This home is ideal for family weekends or groups. Nice to sit around the stoves in the evening and play games. Please note: Because the house is located in the middle of the National Park, no music can/may be heard outside. This is very important. There are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that can accommodate 12 people. The immediate area has more to offer than just nature. Visit the Thermal Bath and the Castle Gardens of Arcen (6.5 km), Venlo with its beautiful history, the German cities of Kleve, Duisburg and Düsseldorf or theme park Kalkar Wunderland. After a walk, you can relax at the lodge. Make a fire and prepare a delicious meal in the professional kitchen with a good glass of wine. Children have plenty of space to play. A tap can be rented on location for 20 euros.




Very good 10 reviews

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