Nature house in Warneton

Very good 4 reviews
Very good 4 reviews


Nature house-id 16293
Region West-flanders
Country Belgium
Number of guests 8
Bedrooms 3
Type cottage
Rental situation switched house
Location on a yard

About this nature house

This peaceful 3-bedroom cottage is in Le Bizet. It is ideal for a small group and can accommodate 8 guests. This cottage is in the beautiful countryside of Begium Lele region offering a relaxing holiday with your loved ones. The home is only 2 km away from the lake. The local grocery stores are 3 km away from the cottage. The town centre is 3 km away, if you would like to explore the little town. Try out some new delicacies in the nearest restaurant only 3 km from the cottage. Storage is available in the cottage for your convenience. A living room, open kitchen, and a landing in the cottage is sure to offer a comfortable stay with your dear ones. You can check-in from 4-6 PM and you can check-out from 9-10 AM.




Very good 4 reviews

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  • In a beautiful setting
  • Away from your daily struggle
  • Contribute to nature projects