Nature house in Nijefurd

Very good 8 reviews
Very good 8 reviews


Nature house-id 15935
Region Friesland
Country Netherlands
Number of guests 6
Bedrooms 3
Type cottage
Rental situation switched house
Location isolated

About this nature house

In the town of Warns, close to Lake IJssel, this is a holiday home of 110 m² with 3 bedrooms and a private garden for a great holiday. The stay is perfect for a small family of 6 guests or a group. This holiday home is in an area that has been declared a landscape park and it contains a large bird reserve and the famous Red Cliff. Here you can hike, cycle, and drive to your heart's content. Lake IJssel and water sports opportunities are next to your stay. It's lovely to swim there, to fish, or to walk around the lake. Besides the town center, there are nightlife pubs, shops, grocery stores, and restaurants at 5 km. A visit at the Frisian cities Stavoren, Hindelopen and Workum are highly recommended. Central heating keeps you comfortable. In the private furnished garden, you can sit down reading a book while children can play for long hours. Evenings can be enjoyed in the courtyard with a hot barbecue. At night, you can binge-watch movies in the living room. Parking is available.




Very good 8 reviews

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